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Published in The Social Contract
Volume 1, Number 4 (Summer 1991)
Issue theme: "What makes a nation?"

A Festschrift in honor of the 75th birthday of Garrett Hardin has been published using material from a symposium in Washington, DC several months ago, sponsored jointly by the Smithsonian Institution and the American Institute of Biological Sciences. Dr. Hardin has made significant contributions over the years to the population and environment debate.

The Festschrift features papers by such leading thinkers as Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Herman Daly, Carl Haub, John Holdren, Dan Luten, Carl Dahlman, Joseph Fletcher, Richard Lamm, Jack Parsons and Richard Stroup. There is a brief biography by Carl Bajema, and Dr. Hardin's talk at the symposium Thoughts After Forty Years in the Trenches.

Collected and issued as a special double-sized issue of the journal Population and Environment edited by Virginia Abernethy and published by Human Sciences Press, the Festschrift is available at a cost of $10 postpaid from The Social Contract, 316 E. Mitchell St., Petoskey, MI 49770.

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