Letters to the Editor - Summer 1991

By Allen Jamieson
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 1, Number 4 (Summer 1991)
Issue theme: "What makes a nation?"


The current issue of The Social Contract just arrived (May 22) and I started to read it. I couldn't put it down until I finished every article! You have selected excellent spokesmen, kept your selections timely, and covered many important aspects of the overall population problem without appearing to be rabid about anything.

There is far too much going on out there, far too few people to do all that should be done, and horrible public ignorance on most population subjects, especially on immigration, a subject about which few people are strong enough to speak up and say what they really think. The article by Judy Kunofsky was especially revealing in this regard. The Sierra Club has not had the guts to speak up forcefully on any aspect of population.

I note that Mayor Gourley of Culver City has raised his voice about the devastating effects of tax dollars laid out to support illegal aliens in Los Angeles County, dollars that should be used to support the present citizenry instead of encouraging others to arrive and feed at the public trough in the Land of Honey. Long may he wave, and may he encourage others to go forth and do likewise.

Keep up the good work!

Allen Jamieson

Sacramento CA

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