Letters to the Editor - Summer 1991

By Emmet Hudspeth
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 1, Number 4 (Summer 1991)
Issue theme: "What makes a nation?"


The Social Contract is a very impressive journal with a purpose to which I can readily relate to do something positive about the population and immigration problems of the US and of the world. I am very pleased to subscribe to this publication...

My own belief is that people will not get really 'worked up' about the problems of immigration until they realize that it is having substantial negative effect on citizens now, but in future the impact can be destructive of our social and economic structure. Since Texas and California are now receiving more than half of the Mexican immigrants, our problems cannot be alleviated (nothing can 'solve' them) without infusions of federal money. Texans are perhaps beginning to understand that immigration is leading to tax increases, since the legislature is desperate for money to finance our public schools during the coming years...

Emmett L. Hudspeth

Austin, Texas

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