Another Look at Birthplace and Status

Published in The Social Contract
Volume 2, Number 4 (Summer 1992)
Issue theme: "Twenty years later: a lost opportunity"

In a new book, Dr. Nadia Youssef details the shifts in the composition of foreign-born people who have taken up residence in New York State since 1965. The author, a demographer at the Center for Immigration and Population Studies at the Staten Island campus of the City University of New York, draws a demographic and socio-economic profile of the state's foreign-born. Dr. Youssef relates birthplace to socio-economic status variables, thus providing a clearer picture of how various groups are faring.

The book is The Demographics of Immigration A Socio-Economic Profile of the Foreign-born Population in New York State by Nadia H. Youssef, Staten Island, New York Center for Migration Studies, 182 pp., $19.50 (hardcover), $14.50 (paperback).

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