EFMS Up and Running

Published in The Social Contract
Volume 4, Number 2 (Winter 1993-1994)
Issue theme: "An international perspective on migration"

The European Forum for Migration Studies (EFMS) held its first public function - a conference - on Nov. 25-28, in its headquarters city of Bamberg, Germany. Under a caption of 'Migration Policies - a Comparative Perspective,' views were presented by speakers from Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland, the Ukraine, Switzerland, Australia and the United States. Our European colleagues are learning, as their countries shift from being ones of emigration to ones of immigration, that in migration matters it is truely more blessed to give than to receive!

The Forum was set up to fill the need for a centrist, rational European voice on migration matters. With an initial staff of three, it has developed a formal working relationship with the University of Bamberg. The Forum will conduct research, sponsor meetings and publish papers, including a newsletter. It may be contacted at Katharinestrasse 1, D-96052, Bamberg, Germany. Phone +49-951-37041 and FAX +49-951-32888.

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