Letters to the Editor - Spring 1994

By Richard Estrada
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 4, Number 3 (Spring 1994)
Issue theme: "End of the migration epoch?"


I would like to clarify some statements ascribed to me in Mr. Robert McConnell's article, 'Conference Ethics of Immigration,' (The Social Contract, Winter 1993-94), and amplify upon others.

? While my remarks did include my opinion that 'the American family needs time to heal itself,' and while I oppose the current high levels of immigration, I do not support a moratorium on immigration.

? While I did say that over 100 million people today live in countries other than those in which they were born, I did not mean to suggest that they would all move here if they could (though several million would).

? While the United States takes in many refugees, I stated that this country annually resettles more immigrants and refugees than the rest of the world combined.

? While I suggested that the U.S. should emphasize the skills of newcomers, and reduce the emphasis on family reunification, I believe that the reunification of immediate family members - spouses, sons and daughters, - should be retained.

My reference to the present policy generating a 'false sense of entitlement' referred to other than immediate family members who are caught in a vast backlog. Specifically, immigration experts have suggested that their technical eligibility to immigrate legally in the distant future may encourage them to immigrate illegally today.


Richard Estrada

Irving, Texas

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