Another Issue BushGore Won't Talk About

By Scott McConnell
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 10, Number 4 (Summer 2000)
Issue theme: "Liberals and immigration reform - can they be recruited?"

Don't count on hearing anything from BushGore about the ongoing invasion of the United States by illegal aliens from Mexico and other points south.

Bush has made it clear that his 'friendship' with Mexico's leadership counts for more than the Americans whose property is being trashed by illegal alien smugglers 'Family values don't stop at the Rio Grande' has been his one contribution to this subject. And the Gore campaign is entirely in synch with the left Latino activist groups, who are, of course, pro-illegal immigration.

Pat Buchanan has demonstrated several times his solidarity with the folks on the Arizona border, a fact not mentioned in accounts of the pressure the illegal alien flow is putting on Arizona ranchers. At campaign stops around the nation, he tells the story of Theresa Murray, an elderly American made a virtual prisoner in her own home by the illegals.

Years ago, Cesar Chavez, the late Mexican-American labor union leader, made clear that the concrete economic interests of his membership were damaged by the ceaseless flow of cheap labor from across the border.

This is a point Pat Buchanan has made again and again during this campaign, the uncontrolled flow of illegal aliens pushes down the wages of all Americans. But BushGore are well funded by the people who benefit from cheap labor; they say nothing about the border but 'keep it open' and 'look the other way.' The only borders they care about are the ones in the Balkans, where they support full American military intervention. We think differently.

About the author

Scott McConnell is a former editorial-page writer for the New York Post. He is now a contributor to the e-zine

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