A Note from the Editor -- Fall 2001

By Wayne Lutton
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 12, Number 1 (Fall 2001)
Issue theme: "Garrett Hardin: an introduction and appreciation"

A Note from the Editor

Garrett Hardin

An Introduction and Appreciation

Garrett Hardin, recognized by Science magazine as "one of the intellectual leaders of our time," has influenced many of the people involved in our mutual concerns. One of the benefits of placing The Social Contract on the internet is that we are reaching new readers among high school and college students doing research on immigration, population, resource conservation, and problems with multiculturalism. For them, Professor Hardin is often a new name.

We have been looking forward to releasing this special issue of The Social Contract, which includes five seminal essays by Garrett Hardin. Applying basic biological knowledge to the practical problems faced by humankind, Professor Hardin raises ethical questions, and offers answers from a perspective that challenges orthodox assumptions.

Long-time devotees of Garrett Hardin will enjoy refreshing their acquaintance with these essays. We hope that newcomers will want to read more of his work.

[Visit the Garrett Hardin Society website for more information, articles, and biographical information.]

* * *

As we were preparing this issue, the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon took place. While future issues of this journal will discuss immigration-related aspects of this crisis, we are pleased to include here a new study by David Simcox on the challenge of identifying and tracking aliens roaming in America. The 1996 Immigration Reform and Responsibility Act included Section 110, dealing with "entry-exit control." Special business and political interests successfully resisted implementing this provision and up to now Congress has appropriated no funds to enforce Section 110. We are now dealing with some of the consequences of this neglect.

There are further comments on aspects of the tragedy by Diana Hull, Lindsey Grant, Mark Krikorian, Steve Camarota, and Don Collins.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Wayne Lutton, Ph.D.,Editor

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