An Arab Government in Europe? So Predicts Russia's Pravda

By Don Barnett
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 13, Number 3 (Spring 2003)
Issue theme: "Ecological economics: highlighting the work of Herman Daly"

The writers at Pravda are at it again predicting the demise of the West, but this time they may be on to something. The internet version of the paper (, which features snowflakes and globes in the banner instead of a glowering Lenin, suggests that Belgium may soon become a Muslim country. The February 2, 2003 article, "Europe may soon have an Arab government," is translated as follows:

Europe may soon have an Arab government on territory now occupied by Belgium. Its official language will be Arabic and its religion Islam.

The so-called European Arab League headed by Abou JahJah is demanding recognition of Arabs as an independent ethnic group on the same basis as other ethnic groups in Belgium as well as an Arab quota for government jobs and in institutions of learning. The League calls for recognition of Arabic as an official state language. [Translator's note: There are already three official languages in Belgium French, Dutch, and German.]

The main goal of the League is to end official government policy that attempts to integrate Muslim immigrants into Belgian society.

Already today the streets of Antwerp are patrolled by a "citizens' militia" of black-clad young Moroccans guarding against anti-Muslim discrimination by police. Antwerp is the fourth largest port in the world and Belgium's richest city. The city is the world center of the diamond trade and boasts many wonders from Belgian royalty's past. It has the highest unemployment rate in the country at 15 percent compared to the national rate of 6 percent. It also happens to have the largest community of poor, uneducable Arabs in the country.

An international crisis erupted when a Flemish Belgian killed his neighbor, a Moroccan teacher. The incident triggered violent demonstrations and riots resulting in many arrests including that of Abou JahJah, known to have ties to Hezbollah. He was shortly released, whereupon he established the private Muslim militia in Antwerp.

The web site of the European Arab League overflows with anti-Semitic propaganda. Recently, arsonists attempted to burn down an Antwerp synagogue. The mostly Hasidic local Jewish community of 20,000 one of the richest in Europe specializes in the diamond trade and is concerned for the safety of Jews. Paradoxically for modern Europe, an unusual union has formed between the Jewish community and right-wing nationalists. In fact, the rightist leader, Philip De Venter has publicly vowed to protect the Antwerp Jewish community. The presence of the Arabs has meant that the rightists may win 40 percent of the votes in upcoming elections.

The nationalists demand retraction of citizenship from Arab immigrants who openly ignore the mores and culture of their host country.

Belgium is one of the first countries where the left has succeeded in bringing about a catastrophe with its short-sighted attempt to remake the cultural and ethnic landscape of Europe.

[Translator's further note: Lenin must be cheering in his mausoleum.]

About the author

Don Barnett lived and worked in the former Soviet Union for two years and has written extensively on immigration issues. He is a frequent contributor to The Social Contract.

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