Letters to the Editor - Summer 2003

Published in The Social Contract
Volume 13, Number 4 (Summer 2003)
Issue theme: "Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day: the Senator who helped turn many of us into environmentalists"

Letters to the Editor


Some of us are asking questions This is a great country, why are we selling our citizenship and its privileges so cheap?

Why are many of our own taxpayer citizens who need support and housing being denied in order to support others who come from the outside to take advantage of our largesse? There are newspapers in the Orient, especially China, that actually give advice about how to get into the United States and take advantage of SSI, Medicaid, and housing policies.

Why, when we are worried about crime, are we being so loose about letting criminals cross our borders and even giving them citizenship without ever checking on their backgrounds? In our own city we have drug dealers who slip easily across the border, are caught and deported, and are back again within days. Some of them even vote and gain citizenship.

Why do we allow pregnant women to sneak across the border, have babies at our expense an act which gives the new-born child citizenship and eventually entitles a whole family to all kinds of benefits?

We have many questions and thousands of clippings to back up our statements and in one poll the advice that 83 percent of the people want immigration controlled.

Evelyn Elfstrom

Littleton, Colorado


Never have we had a better chance at immigration reform than now. Mainstream media have now begun to recognize immigration law as a problem and have begun to talk about it. People in Congress like Senator John McCain have even recognized it. We also have chairmen of committees that we have never had in my lifetime people that are more favorable to internal immigration law enforcement. Our main resistance is from the Executive Branch State, Homeland Security, and HUD.

People who are concerned with this problem should contact their representatives. Without deportation it will only be a matter of time before we are overwhelmed.

A Reader via e-mail

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