D U I -- Diversity Under the Influence

By Brenda Walker
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 14, Number 4 (Summer 2004)
Issue theme: "Hispanic indicators: a statistical review of the Hispanic experience in the United States"

DUI Diversity Under the Influence

America's highways are becoming far more dangerous because of cultural differences unassimilated foreigners who believe that knocking down ten beers before hitting the road is no problema. And drunk driving is an accepted behavior among Mexicans in particular.

Americans have changed their outlook regarding this irresponsible activity over the past few decades partly because of the commendable consciousness-raising efforts of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). But there has been no such cultural shift among Mexicans or in Mexico...

Traditionally, drinking to excess is valued in Mexican and Latin culture, where it is seen as an expression of machismo...

In 2001, according to MADD, 44.1 percent of California's drunk driving arrests were of Hispanics, although Hispanics made up only 31.3 percent of the state's population...

Accidents involving drunk drivers increased overall nearly five percent in the state in 2000, with an uptick in Los Angeles County of 7.6 percent in that year.

(Brenda Walker, writing on "Diversity Is Strength! It's Also Drunk Driving," May 4, 2004 at www.vdare.com)

About the author

Brenda Walker lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and produces the websites www.LimitsToGrowth.org and www.ImmigrationsHumanCost.org.

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