A Note from the Editor - Population Growth and All Other Issues

By Wayne Lutton, Ph.D.
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 20, Number 1 (Fall 2009)
Issue theme: "Immigration and population growth"

The Obama Administration came into office promising to deal with contentious environmental issues, which our feature article (on the next page) explores at length. But, as with efforts to save and create jobs, rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, fund education, and reform health care, President Obama and his key advisors evince no appreciation of the impact that immigration-fueled population growth contributes to these pressing problems.

The United States is adding around three million people annually. Legal immigration remains unchanged and high, millions of illegal aliens are promised “legalization” (another term for Amnesty) in the near future and are assured that they are in no danger of being repatriated to their homelands, and recent immigration-spurred U.S. birth rates are exceeding records set during the height of the post-World War II baby boom. As our population increases we lose more ground on our critical environmental, social, and economic challenges.

Educating the public about the connection between population growth and all of these other issues remains our biggest challenge. The longer the U.S. delays confronting immigration and population growth, our future prospects become worse.

Notable New Website

A new website readers of this journal will undoubtedly find of interest is: www.CenterForImmigrationTruth.org. It monitors the Open Borders network, informs the public on the orchestrated campaign of distortions and misinformation to undermine the work of immigration reformers, and offers suggestions for citizen action.

About the author

Wayne Lutton is editor of The Social Contract.

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