Our Quisling CBC—Three more examples CBC Biased Again, Again, and Again

By Dan Murray
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 23, Number 3 (Spring 2013)
Issue theme: "The manic quest to grow Canada's population"

Editor’s note: This article was originally published as a Immigration Watch Canada bulletin on November 25, 2012 on the website www.ImmigrationWatchCanada.org. The National is an evening TV news report. The Sunday Edition is a weekly radio program of political analysis. The Current is a daily weekday morning radio program that covers a wide range of political, social, and environmental issues.

1. The National: Golden Dawn Eyes Canada (Report on Golden Dawn, a Greek Political Party Which Advocates Expulsion of Greece’s Illegal Immigrants), November 12, 2012.

he stated purpose of this segment on CBC’s main TV news programme is to make Canadians aware that a quasi-Nazi party has formed in Greece, that it is persecuting illegal immigrants in Greece, and that it has a branch in Canada. The CBC’s real purpose is to denounce as quasi-Nazis all those who advocate controls on immigration to Canada, Greece, or any other country.

Unbelievably, the big Greek issue that this CBC broadcast made no connection to is the dire economic condition that Greece has faced for several years. Anyone with any common sense can see that the last thing that Greece needs is to be compelled to take care of economic migrants. In Greece (as in Canada and most western countries), the number of these migrants is not small.

According to Migration Information Source (MIS) at the University of Athens, Greece is the gateway used by hundreds of thousands of migrants from Albania, Romania, and the Middle East. Along with this, Greece has had to implement “Dublin II Regulation (2003/343/CE),” which requires Greece to process tens of thousands of asylum applications because Greece was the first EU country these asylum seekers had entered. As a result, MIS states, “This has turned Greece into the ‘storehouse’ of illegal immigration to Europe.” Over 1 million non-citizens live in Greece, about 10 percent of its population. In this CBC broadcast, as in many others about immigrants in Greece, the CBC reporter said nothing about the pressure these immigrants have added to Greece’s already-stressed economy and about whether Greeks were justified in being angry about these illegal immigrants.

This kind of reporting is systemic in the CBC. Almost every week, our CBC reports incidents which it twists into so-called seething examples of racial conflict. Its real purpose is to perpetuate the notion that underneath the surface, Canada is a hotbed of white racial discrimination against visible minorities. Ultimately, the CBC wants to silence any real discussion of the immigration issue and to perpetuate high immigration to Canada. Our CBC’s idea of defending Canada, Greece, or any other country from unnecessary and often illegal immigration is to lie down and grovel.

Even a cursory examination of CBC radio logs and video will reveal thousands of examples of blatant CBC promotion of immigration. It is no exaggeration to say that our CBC has betrayed Canada’s interests and that it is a quisling organization.

When reporting on immigration issues, it would make sense and be fair if the CBC pointed out the serious consequences of allowing unlimited numbers of people into Canada.

But the CBC almost never says anything critical of Canada’s immigration lobby because the CBC itself is a shameless major figure in that lobby. The broadcast about Greece’s Golden Dawn is a prime example of CBC’s flagrant bias.

2. The Sunday Edition: Interview with Jim Wallis, Chaplain to President Obama, November 11, 2012.

In this post-2012 U.S. election analysis, Wallis makes two major points:

(1) Chaplain Jim Wallis states that the demographic time bomb has finally exploded in the U.S. and that whites are becoming a minority. He says this as if it were an inevitability and a great achievement. However, most U.S.-born citizens would probably say “What is good about becoming a minority in one’s own country?” To most Americans, this “achievement” has happened because the U.S. government has not enforced its illegal immigration laws and because it has permitted unnecessary legal immigration (between 1 and 2 million per year) in spite of persistent high unemployment. Why did Host Michael Enright not ask Chaplain Jim Wallis a question like the following : Why are you characterizing the explosion of the demographic time bomb as an achievement?

(2) Wallis applies the words of Jesus to the U.S. immigration issue: “Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me.” The big question is this: Whose “least” (poorest) is the U.S. or any country responsible for: Its own or those from all the world? Wallis implies that the U.S. should care for both. Considering the state of the U.S. economy, even patient Jesus (with his experience with the Roman invaders) would have challenged Wallis on that, but the Host said nothing.

Wallis knows that most of the non-U.S.-born poor are Mexicans, many of whom arrived illegally, have forced American-born poor to compete with them for jobs, and have thus degraded the lives of American-born poor. But, unrepentant, Wallis boasts that the actions of groups like his have paved the way for what he calls “immigration reform.” This is a disguised way of saying “immigration amnesty,” which, if enacted, could give citizenship to between 12 and 20 million illegals in the U.S.!!! CBC Host Enright and guest Wallis should know that previous “amnesties” have resulted in even more illegal immigration soon after they were declared. In other words, amnesties have made the problem worse. Why did CBC Host Michael Enright not challenge Wallis? It appears that Enright’s bias prevents him from doing his job properly.

3. The Current: Interview with “John,” a failed Sri Lankan asylum-claimant, his employer, his lawyer, and an Amnesty International spokesman, November 13, 2012.

Most CBC programmes deliberately weight their content so that CBC ideology dominates.The Host claims that her colleagues contacted Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency, but that both declined interviews. This may be the case, but listeners to CBC know that CBC practice is to interview primarily those whose views are similar to those of CBC ideologues. The ratio is at least 1 to 0, but often 2 to 1 or 3 to 1. In this case, it was 4 to 0.

“John,” the rejected refugee-claimant, was one of about 500 refugee claimants who arrived on Canada’s west coast on the ship called the Sun Sea in August, 2010. He claimed that he had lived in Sri Lanka, but that he and 1,500 others had been rounded up and tortured by Sri Lankan government forces. He had escaped to Thailand, where he paid $26,000 to board the Sun Sea and then left for Canada. Because the purpose of UN refugee policy is to protect people who are genuinely fleeing persecution, the Host should have stated that India was only 22 km away. It is home to several hundred thousand Tamils who are free from torture. Why did she not ask “John” why he had not gone there? In contrast, Thailand is many hundreds of kilometers away and Canada is many thousands.

The obvious answer to that question is that the CBC Host would have had to conclude that “John”’s real objective was to improve his economic lot, not his political one. He would cover up his real motive with a story of torture. Unfortunately for “John,” UN refugee laws do not apply to economic migrants. If the Host had probed more, she would probably have discovered that “John” had been told by previous fake refugee claimant relatives in Canada that he could get away with lying to Canadian authorities, particularly those whose ideology matched that of the CBC.

The Host should be aware that as a result of Canada’s weak refugee system, there are now over 300,000 people of Sri Lankan descent in Canada. This figure is shocking, to say the least. Many traveled back to Sri Lanka while their refugee claims were in progress—a clear contradiction of their stories of torture, as well as ample grounds for deportation from Canada!!! Yet, they are still here. It is hard to believe that the Host was unaware of this. Not asking about it demonstrates her CBC bias.

(For the remaining commentary on this CBC programme and for links to each of the three CBC broadcasts and the University of Athens study, see

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Dan Murray is a retired teacher and immigration researcher and activist. He is president of Immigration Watch Canada.

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