The Remembrance Project - Memorializing the Americans killed by illegal aliens

By Wayne Lutton
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 24, Number 1 (Fall 2013)
Issue theme: "Stolen lives"

Every day, it is estimated that 25 Americans and legal residents are killed by illegal aliens. The main-stream media suppresses these cases by refusing to report on the immigration status of suspects. Such incidents are not given national circulation, but, instead remain, at best, “local” news.

November 3, 2013, marks the third annual National Remembrance Day for those killed by illegals. Maria Espinoza, Director of The Remembrance Project, points out:

No one is immune to the illegal who drives wildly drunk, or the wanna-be gang-banger who needs to machete innocent citizens to gain entry and respect into a Latino or other gang…Americans are under assault, a fact under-reported by the press, and unconnected by our elected officials at all levels of government.

The Remembrance Project, through its Stolen Lives Quilt, shows the faces of some of the many Americans killed by illegal aliens. Now in 18 states, The Remembrance Project has launched its 2013 National Campaign of Remembrance and seeks to recruit leaders in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Supporters of the project meet for candlelight vigils and display pictures of those killed by illegals.

Maria Espinoza emphasizes that such crimes are preventable if our immigration laws are enforced. The Remembrance Project aims to give voice to the families of victims of illegal aliens. She said Americans need to tell lawmakers to focus on Americans and their best interests, including jobs for those who are out of work.

For further information:; e-mail; The Remembrance Project, P.O. Box 440548, Houston, Texas 77244 ■


STOLEN LIVES : Remembering Our Families and Citizens Who Are Victims of Illegal Alien Violence

Victim: Joshua Aaron Wilkerson, 18

Pearland, Texas (just south of Houston)

Killer: Hermelio Moralez, 18, from Belize


Joshua Wilkerson was a compassionate young man who would help anyone. Therefore, when Hermelio Moralez asked Joshua for a ride home, Joshua obliged.

Upon reaching his home, Moralez, an 18-year-old illegal alien from Belize, punched Joshua in the nose, kicked him in the stomach so hard that his spine sliced his spleen in half, hit Joshua with a clothes rod so hard that it broke in 4 places, and choked Joshua 4 or 5 times (until the blood “bubbles from his nose stopped”). Moralez then tied Joshua around the neck, hands, and feet with what looked to be a specific type of knot, put him in the backseat of Joshua’s own truck, took money out of Joshua’s wallet to buy gasoline, drove him into a field with overgrown brush, dumped his body, laid Joshua’s ID and wallet beside him, and then set Joshua on fire.

According to one published account, Moralez went to a movie with a friend, “ate popcorn and soda…laughing and having a good time,” said Weiss, a friend of Moralez.

George Wilkerson, Joshua’s father, remains convinced his son would still be alive had the Sheriff’s Department identified Moralez as an illegal immigrant and deported him.

“People who come here illegally have no respect for the U.S. They don’t abide by our laws. They come into our communities and do whatever they want,” said George Wilkerson. He went on to say, “Why are we afraid to ask people about their immigration status? We worry more about the rights of illegal aliens than we do our own citizens.”

George Wilkerson erected a cross at the site
where his son Joshua’s burned body was found, one
year after Joshua’s murder. Since the murder, the area has been cleared and mowed:

Laura Wilkerson (below) has had to learn to “breath again” and to “just learn how to live all over again” since Joshua’s murder. ■


STOLEN LIVES : Remembering Our Families and Citizens Who Are Victims of Illegal Alien Violence

Victims: Terrance “TJ” Aeriel, 18 (male)

Dashon Harvey, 20 (male)

Iofemi Hightower, 20 (female)

Killers: Two of the six killers were illegal aliens, including Jose Carranza, 28, an illegal from Peru.

Survivor: Natasha Aeriel, 19. Survived a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Has testified for 5 years against all six killers. Placed in witness protection after murders.

All four lived in Newark and were students at Delaware State University.

DOD: August 4, 2007 — Shot, raped and macheted. Killers were members of MS-13 Gang, (The gang originated among Central American immigrants in Los Angeles in the 1980s, spread to Central America and then migrated to other American cities.

In addition to the schoolyard killings, Carranza was found guilty of aggravated assault and weapons charges during a bar fight in West Orange in 2006.
At the time of the schoolyard killings, the illegal was free on bail for the assault charge and for a separate charge of raping a 5-year-old girl and threatening her parents.,2933,292717,00.html

Melvin Jovel — shot Natasha Aeriel. Illegally in the U.S. from Honduras

These 4 killers are not illegal aliens:

Alvaro DelGado, 25 years old — high-ranking member of El Salvador-connected MS-13 gang.

Gerardo Gomez, 15 years old — Citizen (turned 15 on day of murders), 195-year sentence. (When apprehended he was held on $1 million bail.) Brother of Rodolfo Godinez.

Rodolfo Godinez, legally in U.S. but a Nicaraguan national — Fled and was caught in Maryland. Recruiter for MS-13, brother of Gerardo Gomez.

Shahid Baskerville, 16 years old — received 30 year sentence for testifying against others (when apprehended he was held on $1 million bail). See article dated January 9, 2013:

Background: Natasha Aeriel, the only survivor, testified against the six men who raped, macheted and shot her and killed her friends. Two of the men were in the school playground when she and her friends arrived, and four more arrived about 40 minutes later.

Natasha Aeriel’s struggles continue:

Natasha testified she still has trouble walking to her car at night, struggles with loss of hearing and aching on the left side of her face, and dreams about chasing her best friend, who won’t turn to talk to her.

“The most hurtful and painful dreams is of Iofemi,” Aeriel said on the stand. “I can never get her to talk to me. I’m running, I’m running and she just won’t talk to me and then having to come to court and seeing what they did to her, I wouldn’t talk to me neither.”

Aeriel underwent numerous surgeries. Bullet fragments had to be removed from her face, her jaw reconstructed, and her ear repaired, which never regained hearing.

It took arduous physical therapy, she said, to be able to open her mouth wide enough to eat or chew. She’s still self-conscious about her crooked smile.

“It builds up a self-esteem issue,” she said. “I’m a heavy-set young lady, so one of my best assets I thought would be my smile.”

Alvaro DelGado, of Bay Shore, N.Y., indicated that the gun used has “has 10 bodies on it.”

Law enforcement authorities from at least two other jurisdictions outside New York have expressed interest in examining the gun for possible crimes in their area, including one double homicide.

Newark’s homicide rate has doubled since 2002.

MS-13, which stands for Mara Salvatrucha, originated in Los Angeles among immigrants from El Salvador in the 1970s and ’80s and has since spread to parts of the U.S. and Central America, where it is involved in human trafficking, kidnapping, and drugs and weapons smuggling, according to federal authorities.

The two who were already at the crime scene were sitting on a small set of bleachers drinking beer and didn’t seem threatening, she said. But that quickly changed when the others arrived.

As the friends sensed danger and tried to get in their car, they were ordered to lie on the ground.

“We all complied.” ■


Victim: HPD officer Rodney Johnson
Killer: Juan Leonardo Quintero,
an illegal alien from Mexico


Qintero had a criminal history from 1995 to 1999:

• convicted for DWI,

• failure to stop and give information, and

• indecency with a child.

His driver’s license was suspended and he was deported to Mexico by immigration in 1999.

Since 2006, six officers in the Houston Police Department have been killed or seriously injured by illegal aliens.

Quintero shot Officer Johnson 4-5 times in the back of the head after the officer had placed Quintero in his squad car.

Officer Johnson left behind a wife and five children (3 daughters, 2 sons, and his Mom).

His wife, Sgt. Joclyn Johnson, continues to speak out against illegal immigration.

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