Tracking Presidential Candidates (2000) on Immigration

By Roy Beck
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 10, Number 4 (Summer 2000)
Issue theme: "Liberals and immigration reform - can they be recruited?"

With the summer conventions for the presidential campaign upon us, continues to track the candidates' stances toward immigration. Of course, candidates' positions on issues are fluid; and we expect that their positions may change. We have just updated our Presidential Candidate Grid to reflect recent comments made by candidates. On the internet go to http //

This information contains our best efforts to reflect the true stances and past actions. Click on any candidate for contact information and detailed stances. You will notice, for example, that George W. Bush recently came out against an amnesty for illegal aliens.

Our Presidential Grid may be particularly useful when contacting your candidate and asking him about his position on mass immigration. We already know that some activists have been busy attending town hall meetings and campaign appearances and questioning the candidates about mass immigration.


Thanks to the hard work of Rosemary Jenks at Harvard, we now have at, for the first time in this movement, a comprehensive on-line review of the numerical impact of most major immigration legislation from the past ten years (1990-2000). We're very excited about being able to make this information available to you. Go to http // for a list of legislation. Each action provides links to a table detailing the numerical effect of the legislation as well as a link to a summary of each action. These tables may be very useful to you in writing faxes or letters to Congress. We have already been able to use some of this information to fight President Clinton's recent amnesty proposal which was included with his H-1B proposal. Armed with reliable projections for the first time, several Members of Congress have been using our numbers in speeches and media interviews.


Due largely to many of your efforts as concerned citizens, several resolutions calling for U.S. population stabilization and reduced immigration have been endorsed recently by groups or governments from at least five states. Most recently, the Pitkin County (Colorado) City Council passed a resolution calling for U.S. population stabilization, including immigration reductions to no less than 175,000 a year! You can find the text of the resolution at http //

For more information on other resolutions that have been endorsed by various groups, go to http //

Please know that these resolutions have been successful mainly as a result of your hard work and grassroots organizing. We know that there are other groups currently considering similar resolutions and we have you to thank for it! For more information on drafting a resolution or getting a group to endorse a resolution, please e-mail Linda Purdue at

About the author

Roy Beck, in addition to being Washington editor of The Social Contract, is president of Americans for Better Immigration and director of the website which offers a way to send faxes to Members of Congress about immigration issues and includes separate immigration voting records and co-sponsorship profiles on every Member of Congress.

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