Voter Fraud Discovered in California

By Dean Gardner
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 13, Number 4 (Summer 2003)
Issue theme: "Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day: the Senator who helped turn many of us into environmentalists"


For the last 30 years, I have heard about voter fraud in California, but it did not affect me directly and like you, I didn't pay much attention. I didn't realize how much voter fraud impacts all of us until recently.

In the seven months since the election, we have looked in detail at 2,460 of the 14,000 recently registered Democrat voters in Kern County that are registered to vote in the 30th Assembly District. I was shocked and dismayed by what we found.

I cannot give you any names or addresses because of the ongoing investigations.

In order to cast a legal vote in California, the voter must be at least 18 years old, must be alive, must be a Citizen of the United States, must not be a felon on parole, must be registered to vote and live in that district and that voter can vote only one time in that election.

Of the 2,460 voters that were examined 905 of these people in this sample cast fraudulent ballots.

For example, we found

* 69 people actually admitted voting at least twice. These are just the ones who admitted it.

* 93 people admitted that they voted but are not citizens of the United States. They were told that if they registered and voted, it would help them get their citizenship.

* 272 people actually admitted that they do not live in the 30th Assembly District but that they voted in the 30th Assembly District

We found people who changed the spelling of their name slightly so that they could register and vote a second time. Someone named William also registered as Bill. We found people with the same name registered at the same address whose birthdays were exactly one year or one day apart. By changing their birth date, one person became two people with two votes.

The biggest problem that we found was the number of people who showed up at the polls and voted using someone else's name. We have testimony from people who report that they went to vote and found that their name had already been used. People impersonated the legitimate voter. How did they do that? A lot of people are registered but don't vote. Hanging on the wall in every polling place in the State of California is a list of the people that are eligible to vote at that polling place. By state law, every two hours, an election worker up dates the list with the names of the people who have voted. The cheaters send in someone with a cell phone to call back to the headquarters with the names of the people who have not voted. People claiming to be those people miraculously show up and vote.

We found 905 fraudulent ballots out of 2,460 voters. You do the math. Divide 905 by 2,460 you will get 37 percent. We estimate that 37 percent of the newly-registered Democrat voters who voted in the Kern County portion of the 30th Assembly District cast fraudulent votes.

What we found in Kern County was seen all over California. Some places worse than others. There is a well-oiled and well-funded fraud machine run by liberal special interest groups that may be electing people to the legislature who should not be there and they are destroying our freedoms in California.

Let me give you some examples of the fraud. We have people who registered in October at a house that burned down two years ago. We have people registered to addresses that don't exist. We have people who voted last November at the polls who actually had moved to the Philippines two years ago.

I personally spoke to one man who admitted voting four times. I asked him why and he said that he cared more than most. I went with a volunteer to one house at random where seven votes originated and asked the woman how many people lived there. She said three. When asked about the other four voters, she said that her two daughters and their husbands always use her address to vote. They do not live in the 30th District. They just vote here.

The information that we have discovered was turned over to the Kern County District Attorney's Office and to the Secretary of State's fraud unit six months ago.

We have just handed the same information to the US Attorney's Office.

Voter fraud is an attack on our basic freedoms and I cannot and will not sit back and watch it continue.

Last November, California voters turned down "same day voter registration." Well, the liberal special interest groups in Sacramento did not get the message, because the Assembly just passed a bill allowing for same day registration in Alameda County. They call it a pilot program. We can not rely on the special interest liberals in Sacramento to stop the voter fraud. As you know, under current law identification is not required either to register or to vote, in fact, if you, as a poll worker or election official, ask a person to prove their identity, you have broken the law.

Therefore, I am announcing that immediately after the Gray Davis Recall is completed, I will sponsor a statewide initiative that will help clean up the voter fraud problem. It will require proof of eligibility and proof of identity when a person registers to vote and proof of identity when a person does vote.

If you buy something and write a check or use a credit card, you must have identification. If you want to get on an airplane in you must show photo ID. It seems logical to me to require people to produce identification when they vote. It seems ridiculous to me that we allow people to walk into the polls, point at a name and say, "That's me" and vote without any verification as to their identity.

One man told me "If we didn't cheat, we couldn't win."

We have a group of people with no integrity attacking our basic freedoms. As you know, I served in the military and I swore to protect the Constitution of the United States. This is one way I can help do that. It is time to put California back in the hands of the people. ;

About the author

Dean Gardner is a businessman who lost his bid for a seat in the California Assembly by a mere 187 votes on November 5, 2002. This statement was made as a news release in Bakersfield, California on June 12, 2003. The Dean Gardner Volunteers found 905 fraudulent votes in their investigation which centered on the Kern County portion of the 30th California Assembly District.

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