A View into Our Future

By Mary Rebel Yell
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 27, Number 4 (Summer 2017)
Issue theme: "Malthus Revisited - The Perils of Overpopulation and Globalism"

I truly believe I can see our future; well, the one planned for us by the globalist elites. I live in an experimental/prototype city; a smaller city pretty much beholden to the large, “prestigious” university which is the center of the city and county’s economy, and its politics. For over two decades, I have seen the globalist agenda unfolding and put into practice.

Let me describe it for you:

• A push for housing congestion and “urban density”; for the masses, not for the elites. Home of the highest property taxes in the state despite it being a low-wage area, except for the elites. Taxes are used to buy up “green spaces,” including a large city park, which add to the taxpayers’ burden. The city (skateboard, playground, trails) park is the yard that the apartment dwellers don’t have; it is theirs to share with the homeless, sexual predators/exhibitionists, child molesters, druggies, alcoholics, and who knows who.

• A push for traffic congestion-causing road lane closings for bike paths. Narrow roads are further congested due to city buses controlling traffic flow, as all cars behind the big, mostly empty buses must stop when they do. There seems to be an intentional shortage of parking spaces, with the intent, I believe, of giving people another reason to give up the car (except for the elites).

• The above agenda is promoted as being “green” and “earth friendly,” yet this is a declared sanctuary city/county and a major refugee resettlement area. The last few years have seen rapidly increasing “diversity” in the rapidly growing population.

• The taxpayer funds downtown “cultural” events, mostly multicultural: i.e., Gay Pride Week, Black History month, Hispanic Heritage month, Islam Appreciation month, Indian and Asian festivals and holidays…. Muralists are employed from around the world to paint politically correct community art, usually featuring non White ethnic diversity.

• Taxpayers also fund free breakfast and lunches year-round, even during the summer, at public schools, and at the senior centers; no eligibility requirements asked. Now there are even buses delivering the food to make it easier to access the free food.

• The taxpayer also paid for three “Partnership for Strong Families” centers, two of them in conjunction with the library system. These multi-million-dollar centers are one-stop centers for: a culturally attuned library (to promote reading among that uninterested demographic), promoting parent-child activities, childcare and parenting lessons, welfare and food stamps application help, free clothing, financial counseling, psychological counseling, legal counseling, healthcare services, etc., etc., even Christmas gifts! They are intended for the black population.

• The university has a research-development K-12 school, run by its College of Education. The school developed “anti-racist” education, saying “multicultural education was not good enough.” They also stated that “their research showed that the only reason minorities don’t do as well in school, and later on, in jobs and income was because whites hold all others down”! This finding is reflected in all K-12 curricula, promoting anti-white animus. It is also the “social justice” part of the UN’s Agenda 21. As a research-development school they try new ideas on a cross-section of the state’s demographics. Students are chosen based on race, ethnicity, family income, education attainment of the parents, etc., etc. The school, nearly 15 years ago, decided to offer only Spanish in their foreign language department. The director scolded me when I protested that lack of “diversity,” saying that my kids better learn Spanish, as “it is the future of this country”! The president of Columbia University (CU), Lee Bollinger, came to visit, promoting racial quotas throughout all jobs in our society, and bragging that there were already CU education teams going to the heads of commerce, education, the military, and journalism. I remind you that Bollinger won his case for affirmative action in the U.S. Supreme Court.

• The libraries, years ago, have been removing shelves of books to make room for a Spanish-speaking section. I expect more of the same will follow with other languages.

So, this is a glimpse of the socially engineered, planned society. Why do I think this is the globalist agenda? Because it follows:

• The UN’s Agenda 21. My city and county are both dues-paying members without the knowledge, nor vote, of most residents. Our former mayor is the chair of the Executive Board of Directors of Agenda 21’s ICLEI, which she represented at the 2009 UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. She is also an environmental engineer, (indoctrinated) graduate of our university in town.

• The “Welcoming City and County” agenda of opening up this area (first and only in the state, so far) for unstated numbers of mostly Muslim “refugees,” forced on the U.S. by the UN, despite our (and 33 other) governors’ objections and despite top U.S. intelligence officials’ warnings/admonitions! The Obama administration’s Cecilia Munoz (former senior vice president of the radical, racist, Reconquista La Raza), former director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, pushed this policy agenda. Our university’s “experts” at their Center for European Studies agreed that “there would be no migrant crisis if there were no borders”! Later, the new Secretary-General of the UN recently demanded that “world leaders ought to ignore voters and make this a borderless world”! (see photo below from 2009 UN conference). This county is one of ICE’s 10 worst sanctuary counties in the nation!

• A prominent UN Chapter which has proclaimed that fighting climate change is their number one priority, with the first step in the solution being eradicating poverty worldwide; bringing millions of Third World refugees to First World countries is one of the “solutions”! This “social justice” is the apparent local agenda, with all the free stuff offered to the hapless “victims of racism”!

• The university has declared this area to be “Changeville”; a merging of university and city “erasing the town/gown division”, with higher academia, as brilliant as they are, molding our city planning, transportation, housing, education, jobs, economy and social justice, apparently also in line with UN’s Agenda 21; sustainability, social justice, food, housing, healthcare ….! The last two university presidents have declared that “diversity is their top priority” (the current president’s two daughters have married Indians—he is so proud!).

• The local community college was named number one in the nation by the Aspen Institute, which aligns itself with the UN and Agenda 21. Aspen’s funding says a lot about its mission of social change/social justice. Wikipedia reports that the Aspen Institute is largely funded by foundations such as the Carnegie Corporation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Gates Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, and the Ford Foundation…. Its board of trustees includes leaders from politics, government, business, and academia who also contribute to its support. One of their networks is Realizing Rights, the Ethical Globalization Initiative, which is a partnership of the Aspen Institute, Columbia University, and the Council of International Human Rights Policy, whose aim is to put human rights values and principles such as equity and participation at the heart of global governance and policy, to ensure that the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable are addressed. Realizing Rights: EGI has such programs as Working in Africa in the areas of health, trade and development, and migration.

All of the above is mostly kept concealed from the public (the “taxpayer units” that fund it). In keeping with the Secretary-General of the UN’s advice “to ignore their voters and make this a borderless world,” locally voters and even commissioners and police were not informed about “Welcoming City and County.” Our elected governor is against it, yet it proceeds! Our U.S. House Representative requested the executive director to come in to talk about the program, and she refused! This director is a very young German, recent (indoctrinated) graduate in Sustainability (Agenda 21) and Arabic Studies. Her family back home also works in the refugee resettlement program. I met her a few years ago when she was helping illegals here locally.

The only newspaper (well, there is also a socially just free African-American focused newspaper printed by the same newspaper, which works to stir up a feeling of entitlement) supports the agenda, often refusing to print dissenting comments or editorials. It was owned by the New York Times for decades. The former executive editor is now dean of the University’s College of Journalism and Communications; a reward for being a dutiful puppet?

I have worked in the school and gone to numerous university conferences and church group meetings regards aiding local illegals and refugees, such as the Center for Latin American Studies, and the Center for European Studies forums, which planned and promoted the agenda. Then I followed the tentacles to the local level. I recommend listening to an alarming nine-minute interview with Sue Payne (regards a White House conference call about the Task Force on New Americans) by Mark Levin.*

I have witnessed this agenda being planned!

Globalism is to be resisted. It is tyranny! It takes power without consent, yet it will burden you with ever more taxation, as I see in my prototype city of the future. Getting the U.S. out of the United Nations is a BIG step. President Trump has cut some of the funding for the UN. Contact your representative to co-sponsor HR 193, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, and your senators to join with Rand Paul in crafting a similar bill for the Senate. The idea is gaining strength like never before! ■

* https://www.youtube.com watch?v=b1JzLLhwGXw

About the author

Mary Rebel Yell is the pen name of a burka-phobic American woman who prefers to keep her American wardrobe.

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