European and Israeli Responses to Illegal Immigration by Peter Brimelow

The Social Contract Press

Peter Brimelow of VDARE discusses immigration in Israel and in Europe comparison with the United States.

Illegal immigration into Israel comes mainly across the Egyptian frontier. It began in the second half of the last decade. It has been significantly worse after the Arab Spring and fall of dictators. The Israelis built a border fence on the West Bank about ten years ago which completely stopped the suicide bombing crisis. They are world experts on border fences. The Fence is about 430 miles long - about one-quarter the length of the US southern border.

The current illegal immigration crisis in Greece is discussed. The percentage of foreign-born in Greece was about 27% about four years ago. Greece has acted much like the United States and issued several amnesties. Multiculturalism is being pushed, particularly in education - school textbooks are being revised to make them more "inclusive".