Keeping Expansive America to a Manageable Size

By Diana Hull

Common Sense on Mass Immigration - The Social Contract Press

A manageable size for the nation threatens so many self-interested parties that only now are we learning what it will take to turn this around. What is happening is something we couldn't have planned, imagined or deliberately instigated. The coming solution isn't pretty, or what we had hoped for, but it will be a game changer.

An American right is choosing the size of our family and nation and keeping those numbers consistent with resource constraints, intelligent management and predictions of 500 million people by mid-century. Yet every growth interested entity promotes immigration, encouraged by government.

But the threat immigration poses today is not about numbers alone, but about safety. Messages from the public and state government are angry and heated right now as barbarity, kidnappings, murders and unthinkable acts like cutting off limbs and brutal beheadings are confirmed. Despicable acts have traveled north with the drug dealers and insecure borders have become an acute danger to all of us.

So our well-intentioned welcome and laudable stance of forgiveness to law breaking immigrant miscreants can no longer justify exposure to this kind of harm, since the price we are paying for misplaced compassion is now unacceptably high. We are in a battle for territory and ascendency that may drag on for years; at the same time we are struggling with Muslim terrorists abroad who also are trying to kill us on our own soil. So who we permit to live among us will no longer be endlessly negotiable, as reality trumps open borders mythology, a policy mystery for future historians to explain.

Diana Hull, Ph.D. is West Coast Editor of The Social Contract