Victims of Illegal Immigration Introduction

By Izzy Lyman

Victims of Illegal Immigration - The Social Contract Press

In the spring of 2010, Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070, Arizona's tough immigration legislation, the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, into law.

In the summer of 2010, a national immigration organization released a seminal report noting that illegal immigration costs Americans $113 billion annually. In the same summer, Sister Denise Mosier and Shatavia Anderson were killed by illegal aliens.

Snubbing the rule of law has dangerous consequences, and educating, medicating, prosecuting, employing, and incarcerating those who have illegally entered our nation is not only costly, but a breach of the social contract.

Legislative solutions and explanations for this national crisis are important and necessary. But all of the number crunching and all of the just legislation and all of the king's men and horses could never bring back Sister Denise or Shatavia. They could never bring back Dustin Inman, Tessa Tranchant, or Ali Kunhardt. They could never bring back James Gadiel, Lila Meizell, Rob Krentz, Marten Kudlis, or Robert Rosas, all of whom lost their lives due to the selfish actions of individuals who should never have been in the United States in the first place. Their stories, written by an eclectic coalition of concerned writers, are among those featured in this booklet of essays.

Indescribable injustices have been committed against these victims (and their loved ones) due to our government's unwillingness to control our borders and enforce our laws. Our way of life is daily under siege as a result. Millions of us gave no consent to be governed in this fashion. Millions of us are outraged that the privileges of citizenship might be given to the lawless in the name of 'comprehensive immigration reform.'

To that end, may you use this booklet as a tool to help broadcast the message that Americans have been hurt, are hurt, and will be hurt if our disheveled immigration policies remain the status quo.

For Justice, Izzy Lyman, editor
This project was funded with a grant from U.S. Inc. Special thanks to Niki Calloway, Bob Kyser, and Wid Lyman for their assistance. Cover photo of Tessa Tranchant and Ali Kunhardt, and the scene of their accident, are used with permission of James Tranchant. Back photo of Phil (left) and Rob Krentz used with permission of the Arizona Cattlemen’s Association.