Video presentations from the October 2, 2011 Social Contract Press Writers Workshop1

The Social Contract Press

On October 2, 2011, the Social Contract held its 35th Writers' Workshop conference in Washington, DC. Below are links to videos of the presenters. A video introduction follows.

The fiscal case for zero net migration
by Ed Rubenstein
E-Verify legislation and Hazleton, PA update
by Lou Barletta
How we won in Maryland - Dream Act repeal
by Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough
Georgia immigration law - HB 87
by D.A. King, President, The Dustin Inman Society
Foreign government interference in U.S. immigration policy
by Pat Choate, Economist and former Reform Party VP Candidate
What the Bible really says about immigration
by Professor James Hoffmeier
Maximizing your influence using social networking media
by Gabriel Schaefer and Kevin Eder
What Americans need to know about Islam
by William J. Federer