Video: Gangs at the Border, by Pastor Casey Diaz

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Gangs at the Border.

Casey Diaz has an incredible story to share about growing up in the L.A. gangs. Casey came to this country - legally - when he was two-years old from El Salvador. He was raised in Los Angeles in a dysfunctional family setting, which is one reason why Casey was successfully recruited into the Rockwood Street Locos when he was 11 years old.

Casey quickly adopted the gang lifestyle, which included stabbings, home invasion, and car thefts. He was convicted of second-degree murder at the age of 16, and when he turned 18, he was imprisoned with the worst of the worst in New Folsom State Prison in Sacramento, California.

While in prison, Casey had an amazing conversion experience and put his life in danger when he told the gang leadership that he was a Christian and could no longer be part of them. He was subjected to numerous beatings, but somehow survived. He is here today to talk about the dangers of gangs pouring through our southern border and what that means to our cities.

He is the author of The Shot Caller and will share with you his unique perspective on gangs in America and how they think and act.