Anti-immigrant Advocate - John Tanton letter to the New York Times

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John Tanton letter to the New York Times

To The Editor:

Who would not feel flattered to be called "the most influential unknown man in America" by Linda Chavez, a firmer aide to President Ronald Reagan, on the front page of the New York Times ("The Anti-Immigration Crusader", April 17 [2011])? The truth is that my role in pushing one of the stickiest issues of our time into public debate was far more modest than your article implies.

Regarding my penchant for working with all sides of the political, ethnic, philosophical, economic, racial, religious and other spectrums, that is how one forms a coalition that has political meaning and power. Forming a coalition from people who agree on all issues simply does not work.

If this makes for rougher seas than one can stomach, then as Hamlet advised Ophelia, "Get thee to a nunnery."

John H, Tanton
Chairman, U.S. Inc.
Petoskey, Mich. April 18, 2011


For more information, see John Tanton's personal website.