Video presentations from the September 30, 2007 Writers Conference - part 1

The Social Contract Press

Jim Edwards, Adjunct Fellow, Hudson Institute

A presentation on the Security Prosperity Partnership.

The NAFTA superhighway, North American Union, foreign companies running US Toll Roads, the Amero currency, are all related to the SPP - the Security Prosperity Partnership.

The Security Prosperity Partnership of President GW Bush is building on NAFTA visas as the first step towards a continental guestworker program. SPP's goal is to formalize a trans-national labor force. Indeed, one SPP working group is focused on improving the cross-border movement of people and goods and detecting bottlenecks on the US-Mexican border.

SPP's approach is a perimeter clearance strategy - to facilitate the clearance of people and goods at the continental perimeter, rather than at each national perimeter. The end goal is to treat the outer perimeter of the continent as the effective border of all three nations: the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. That would make Mexico's southern border effectively the U.S. southern border. Of the three SPP partners, the U.S. stands to lose the most under this deal.


Richard Duncan speaks on Peak Oil and Olduvai Theory

Richard Duncan, Institute on Energy and Man, speaks on Peak Oil and Olduvai Theory.

Richard Duncan presents Peak Oil data, which indicate that we are at or near Peak Oil. We have been used to a 100% increase in world oil production since 1970; that's what we're used to, that's what we want, and that's what we'll never get.

Geologist Walter Youngquist says we're now in depletion dominance: it dominates technological change, investment capital - it dominates everything.

Think of the Olduvai Theory this way: you have a video of world history from pre-history until 2010. Then you stop the camera and then you play the video backwards. As awful as this is, one must remember that the Copernican Theory was rejected for over 200 years before being accepted. The Olduvai Theory explains how population, immigration, etc., will adjust to the local ecological carrying capacity worldwide, and that localities will be completely dependent upon solar energy.