Media Bias in Immigration Reform

Video presentations from the October 4, 2009 Writers Workshop - part 1

The Social Contract Press

Hate Speech / Hate Crime Legislation

Peter Brimelow, President of VDARE, discusses crime speech legislation and the possibility of censorship of open discussion of illegal immigration as hate speech.

Use of Public Access TV

Diana Hull, Californians for Population Stabilization, discusses use of Public Access TV. Diana explains the history of Public Access TV and how it is available for programs of concern to the general public. She notes that CAPS is preparing Public Access TV programs on the consequences of unending illegal immigration into the United States.

Tomorrow's America Video Series

Producer George Colburn has produced a series of in-depth interviews as part of the Tomorrow's America video series. This series contains interviews of prominent authors, leaders, activists and environmentalists who are concerned about the America that we are leaving to future generations.