Legal Guidelines - Multiculturalism - Leveraging the Internet

Video presentations from the October 4, 2009 Writers Workshop - part 5

The Social Contract Press

How Diverse Immigration Threatens Women's Rights

Brenda Walker discusses mass immigration and forced diversity and multiculturalism which is threatening the rights of women in the United States. Many cultures treat women as second-class citizens and some cultural groups want that practice established in America.

Legal Guidelines for Journalists - part 1

Phil Kent discusses legal guidelines for journalists. Phil discusses libel and the actual malice principle and gives examples of what can and can not be written from a legal point of view.

Leveraging the Internet - part 1

Fred Elbel discusses how the internet can be used to distribute an accurate message - and to counter disinformation spread along social media channels by those opposed to the message. As a case in point, Fred shows how the radical open borders network has mounted an internet smear campaign against Dr. John Tanton using lies and innuendo.

Leveraging the Internet - part 2