Under Consideration at Last

Volume 2, Number 4 (Summer 1992)
Issue theme: "Twenty years later: a lost opportunity"

Immigration has not been a topic for open consideration over the past decades, so it is refreshing to find a source of materials for a debate on the issue. Greenhaven Press has produced a series of 60-plus titles from 'Animal Rights' to' Euthanasia' to 'Violence in America.' Each book is designed to present all facets of an issue and to juxtapose writings from spokespersons on both sides. Designed to foster critical thinking and the evaluation of sources of information, the series is nonetheless an excellent source of materials in an area of policy-making.

The book on 'Immigration' in the Opposing Viewpoints series is well-crafted and features the historical debate, the effects of immigration on America, the reform of U.S. immigration policy, the position to be taken concerning illegal immigrants, and how legal immigrants should be helped to assimilate. Under each of these headings, writings have been selected to set up a 'debate' that can go on in the reader's mind. These are extremely well-chosen, fair and representative. Readers of The Social Contract will recognize such authors as Gerda Bikales, Richard Lamm, Dan Stein, Wayne Lutton, Rosalie Pedalino Porter, Garrett Hardin.

The conclusion of each section of the book features questions to aid in identifying an author's position and his or her stereotypes, along with help in evaluating the information presented. The appendix gives a list of articles in periodicals, a bibliography, a list of organizations concerned with the issues, and a brief chronology of events in the history of immigration to the United States.

The Opposing Viewpoints Series is published by Greenhaven Press, Inc., PO Box 289009, San Diego, CA 92198-0009. Phone (800) 231-5163. Paperback copies are $8.95.