The Social Contract - Fall 2019

Volume 30, Number 1
...“John Tanton: His Life and Legacy (1934-2019)”

Tribute to John Tanton

By Fred Elbel (Fall 2019)

A Visionary, 'Renaissance Man'

By Sharon Barnes (Fall 2019)

Candidate Tanton

By Rick Oltman (Fall 2019)

Of Conspiracy Theories and Funhouse Mirrors

By The Editors (Fall 2019)

John and Mary Lou Tanton: An Appreciation

By Richard D. Lamm (Fall 2019)

The Relationship of Legal to Illegal Immigration

By John H. Tanton, M.D. (Fall 2019)

John Tanton, Citizen Activist

By Alan Wall (Fall 2019)

On John Tanton and The Camp of the Saints

By Michelle Malkin (Fall 2019)

A Citizen Who Took Up Arms for His Country

By Peter Brimelow (Fall 2019)

Summary Thoughts on Immigration Policy

By John H. Tanton, M.D. (Fall 2019)


By John H. Tanton, M.D. (Fall 2019)

Some Concluding Thoughts on John Tanton

By The Editors (Fall 2019)