The Social Contract - Winter 2017

Volume 27, Number 2
...“Importing diseases”

2017 Holds Promise!

By Wayne Lutton, Ph.D. (Winter 2017)

Diseases Cross Open Borders

By Phyllis Schlafly (Winter 2017)

Mass Immigration: Impact on Public Health

By Wayne Lutton, Ph.D. (Winter 2017)

How Automation Threatens Third World Stability

By Brenda Walker (Winter 2017)

Pull Back the Curtain and Expose the Frauds

By John Vinson (Winter 2017)

President-Elect Trump’s New Deal for Black America

By Faye M. Anderson (Winter 2017)

Three Ways Immigration Has Changed My Community

By Inger Eberhart (Winter 2017)

Donald Trump and the Black Vote

By Faye Anderson (Winter 2017)

Saved from the Brink of Ruin?

By Martin Witkerk (Winter 2017)

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Close

By Fred Elbel (Winter 2017)