Hillbuzz: Doing the Job the Mainstream Media Won’t Do

By Kevin DuJan
Volume 21, Number 1 (Fall 2010)
Issue theme: "The menace of Islam"

Editor’s Note: The mainstream media declines to educate the public about the dangerous reality of political Islam in America. In their absence, the task has fallen to bloggers, who passionately track down the facts and then share them with their ever-growing readership.

Pamela Geller, who writes AtlasShrugs.com, has become the blogger par excellence on Islam, and the public face of the battle against the Ground Zero Mosque. (Note: Her piece on Juan Williams is on page 57.) But many other bloggers have entered the fray, too, including the uniquely talented boys at Hillbuzz.

A self-described “bunch of gay guys in Boystown,” these Chicago-based bloggers write with humor, passion, and an irresistible style that incorporates pop culture references, social observations, and motivational pep talks.

Here Kevin DuJan, Founder and Editor of Hillbuzz, explains the real CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) to his large national audience. Titled “Why Do You Call Muslims ‘misunderstood CAIR Bears’?”, DuJan’s piece employs television cartoon references from his childhood to mockingly eviscerate the aggressive radicals of CAIR.

The accompanying illustration of burqa- and turban-clad Care Bears highlights the intimate relationship between blogger and audience. DuJan put out a plea to readers with PhotoShop skills to create the image, whose details he described. Readers responded, and the result is the illustration on the next page.

Before you read this immensely enjoyable piece, it’s useful to get some background on CAIR. Though it bills itself as “a Muslim NAACP,” CAIR is an extremist organization, named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in an alleged criminal conspiracy to support Hamas and the Holy Land Foundation. According to U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick (R–NC), co-founder of the House Anti-Terrorism/Jihad Caucus: “Groups like CAIR have a proven record of senior officials being indicted and either imprisoned or deported from the United States.”

Despite CAIR’s long list of extremist statements, pro-Shariah actions, and criminal associates, the media treats it with great respect as the voice of moderate Muslims. The media’s dereliction of duty leaves the field wide open for Kevin DuJan and Hillbuzz.


CAIR is the acronym for “The Council on American Islamic Relations,” a shadowy group with questionable financial backing that serves as a kind of fifth column here in the U.S., attempting to do to America what Islamic groups have done in the Netherlands, France, Sweden, and Great Britain…pave the road to dhimmihood.

CAIR’s mission is to undermine the West using our own Constitution, protection of religious freedom, and natural inclinations to be seen as friendly towards minorities against us.

Islam is not a religion — it is a political and military cult that smartly uses religion as a facade, knowing it can’t, thus, be questioned or dealt with appropriately in the West because of Westerners’ anathema at the thought of forbidding religious practices. Islam is very much at war with America, and the West as a whole, but it’s an entirely different enemy from anything else we’ve faced in modern times…because it’s a military without classic soldiers, bases, nation-state, capital city, or definable leader.

CAIR reminds those of us who grew up in the ’80s quite a lot of COBRA — the amorphous, hard to pin down, shadowy terrorist organization the GI Joes fought in those old cartoons. COBRA forever operated bases inside front companies, shells, abandoned amusement parks, you name it. It wasn’t an enemy of the United States like Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, or the Soviet Union, because there was no COBRA nation…instead, COBRA existed within the United States itself, constantly trying to undermine our government and overthrow our way of life. Traditional military could never be used to fight COBRA because those units weren’t set up to fight anything other than traditional military units on the opposing side. Hence, the need for the GI Joes, who were designed to tackle COBRA head-on, behind the scenes, removing the facades and elaborate pretenses COBRA fashioned to do its will.

Another TV show and bit of ’80s pop culture was “The Care Bears,” from American Greetings, which were colorful little bears filled with joy and love that had little symbols of happiness on their jolly tummies. The Care Bears used their magical symbols to spread happiness wherever they went, inspiring a toy, clothing, and candy line through the ’80s that is much-loved to this day. Care Bears weren’t capable of so much as a cross word or a frown, because of their nature as happy little bears existing in the world to do good.

The American media are controlled by the Left. The Left hates America and all things American, where journalists learn in Leftist-controlled higher education that America is an evil oppressor in the world and that everything American is inferior to whatever exists in foreign, non-white countries. Christianity is evil as well, and is inferior to other religions in this Leftist paradigm. Christianity must, thus, be ridiculed and attacked at all times, while whatever is the opposite of Christianity must be held as superior and praised without fail. If a force in the world hates America, that force must be good and just and the Left must praise it to the point of worship.

Hence, the Left, and the media it controls, actively promotes Islam and elevates Muslims to a status where they cannot be criticized, judged, lampooned, or discussed the way members of any actual religion are handled in the press. Islam cannot be called out for its calls to violence, war, and persecution of all non-Muslims. The Leftist media berates anyone challenging the Left’s assertion that “Islam is the religion of peace” and that “Muslims are peaceful people serving Allah.”

Peaceful people don’t blow up cars.

Peaceful people don’t mass-murder thousands by hijacking airplanes to crash them into buildings.

Peaceful people don’t routinely shout “Death to All Juice!” in the streets.

That last one is something that happens all the time, because Muslims don’t seem to proofread their signs before hitting the streets for a dose of anti-Semitism. Signs routinely read “Death to All Juice,” where that last word is supposed to be, of course, Jews. There is no commentary from the Leftist media on how horrible it is for any group of people to walk around with signs saying “Death to…” anything. Because these are Muslims, their hatred and calls for violence are overlooked. There’s also no commentary on the fact that nearly every day Muslims are, somewhere, screaming and yelling and calling for anarchy over something. Each day brings a new outrage worthy of beheading someone over. Muslims chop people’s hands off for stealing. Muslims treat women like owned animals, where a woman raped better have five men who’ll claim she didn’t instigate it or she’ll be put to death for allowing herself to be violated. Just being gay is a death sentence under Islam.

And, yet, the media treat Muslims like they are just “misunderstood Care Bears”. The Leftist media ignore the barbaric, backwards, Medievalist behavior of Islam in the name of political correctness, forever excusing whatever horrific thing Muslims have done today by saying “but that’s not Islam” and invoking the specter of never-produced, invisible, mute “moderate Muslims” that supposedly exist somewhere as a reason not to condemn Islam for its clear and present atrocities.

“But, but, but, you can’t talk about Muslims crashing planes or mass-murdering people, because not all Muslims are like this, so therefore this behavior must be ignored,” is what the Leftist media says, repeatedly.

Well, not all sharks have eaten people. There are many at the Shedd Aquarium, in fact, who are moderate sharks who have never killed anyone.

Do you want to go swimming in the ocean with sharks in murky, chum-filled water to look for the moderate sharks that might be out there?

We can’t think of a single other “religion” in the world whose members carry out mass-murders, hijackings, car bombings, and other acts of terror in the name of that religion and its god. Catholics don’t do this. Presbyterians don’t do it. Jews don’t do it. Buddhists don’t do it. Hindus don’t do it. Sikhs don’t do it.

Only Muslims.

One of these things is not like the others. One of these things doesn’t belong. One of these things is, thus, not an actual religion…but something else dressed up in religious trappings and the requisite paperwork and permits filed to appear to be a religion…but is instead something more like COBRA from those cartoons. Something truly evil, bent on conquest, whose members seek to further this goal by infiltrating enemy lands and then turning their own systems of government and social structure against them.

The “misunderstood CAIR Bears” imagery is our way of combining all of the above to ridicule the Leftist media for their constant insistence that “Muslims aren’t evil, just misunderstood” and that Islam is “the religion of peace,” whose members just happen to be the only people in the world mass-murdering, hijacking planes, setting bombs, etc. in the name of said religion.

The most effective tool ever employed against the Left is ridicule.

The Left’s vociferous support of Islam must be ridiculed at every opportunity so that ultimately the Leftist media are eliminated as Islam’s ally…making it that much harder for Muslims to further their goals in this country, which then prevents us from becoming another Londonistan, Amsterdamistan, Malmoistan, or Paristan.

About the author

Kevin DuJan is a Chicago-based political analyst, essayist, radio commentator ,
and campaign consultant whose work has been featured on The Rush Limbaugh
Show, The Dennis Miller Show, the documentary “We Will Not Be Silenced,” and
on leading conservative websites such as AnnCoulter.com, MichelleMalkin.com,
Redstate.com, and Andrew Breitbart’s “Big” sites.  Mr. DuJan is the Founder
and Editor in Chief of HillBuzz.org, a popular political analysis site with over 13
million hits in its first two years. A former lifelong Democrat, Mr. DuJan is one
of the millions of Jacksonian/Clintonian conservative Democrats who were alien-
ated by the party, permanently, in its committed lurch to the Left in 2008. Newly
Independent, Mr. DuJan is an out and proud conservative, an LGBTQ activist, and
opinionated columnist who appears regularly on national and global radio and TV programs. He is a firm supporter of both Gov. Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Movement, and now devotes his time and energy to conservative causes they champion.