How Blacks Are Being Thrown under the Bus by Illegal Immigration

By Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
Volume 23, Number 1 (Fall 2012)
Issue theme: "Victims of Immigration"

President Barack Obama and black leaders are systematically victimizing black Americans!

For the past 22 years, my nonprofit organization, BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, has helped hundreds of young men become responsible, hard working adults. These young men have learned to overcome anger, learn trades, and graduate college, and some have started successful businesses.

As a result, I have heard countless stories of blacks being pushed out of their jobs and neighborhoods by the influx of illegal aliens. In Los Angeles and across the U.S., black citizens are forced to compete with illegals for jobs, education, and health care.

To make matters worse, in June, President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order and announced that his administration would no longer deport illegal aliens. Under the new policy, people younger than 30 who came to the United States before the age of 16 and meet certain requirements can get a two-year deferral from deportation.

This policy change is Obama’s way of getting parts of the DREAM Act proposal that he couldn’t get passed in Congress. It essentially gives amnesty to the children of illegals. And on the heels of Obama’s order, UCLA announced that it is partnering with the National Labor College (the academic arm of organized labor) to create the “National Dream University,” which would fund and allow illegal aliens to take online courses through the university.

The Department of Motor Vehicles recently released a statement saying that young people who receive federal deferrals will be eligible for California driver’s licenses. An estimated 400,000 illegals could be getting licenses in California!

Over the past fifty years, liberal government programs have destroyed black families, and now we have the first black president helping to deliver the knockout blow by siding in favor of illegal aliens against black citizens!

Crime and the Mexican Mafia

In 2011, authorities revealed that black residents in Southern California cities had been under attack for years and that Hispanic gangs “conspired to terrorize them with racial intimidation, threats and violence — all to display loyalty to the Mexican Mafia street gang.”

One gruesome case was the murder of 17-year-old high school football star Jamiel Shaw. Shaw was shot and killed in 2008, execution style, by 23-year-old Pedro Espinoza, a member of the notorious 18th Street Gang. Espinoza is an illegal alien who had been released from jail just hours before the shooting. A Los Angeles jury found Espinoza guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced him to death.

The Shaw family didn’t receive any public support from black politicians. This is just one of many examples of how blacks are being rolled under the bus by their so-called black leaders and the Democrats.

Blacks and jobs

Employment is another area where blacks are being hurt. The national black unemployment rate is now 14.4 percent. And the black youth unemployment rate is a staggering 40 percent!

At BOND, we have placed many young men at jobs in various institutions, including the UC school system. Our young men are well equipped and get hired for good-paying jobs earning as much as $17-$25 per hour.

The young men have witnessed, first-hand, Hispanic employees who openly talk about being illegal and having expired Green Cards, yet have no fear of deportation. The lack of enforcement is robbing Americans of the ability to support their families.

Yet, you don’t see the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton protesting companies that employ illegal aliens.

Public education

There are schools in the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) where 95 percent of students are Hispanic. Stagg Street Elementary in Van Nuys, California is one such school, but there are dozens like it in Los Angeles County. These schools are plagued with overcrowding and now have fourth and fifth graders sharing classrooms! Resources are being drained; teachers are not able to educate — often it’s low-income and blue-collar American kids who are suffering in these rotting government schools.

But you won’t hear President Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus speak out on this crisis. Why? Because their vested interest is in helping to empower the left-wing teachers’ unions — who help fund the Democratic Party, which is counting on open borders to increase their base and help them win elections.

The Democrats and leftist black leaders have lied and convinced blacks that there needs to be “unity” between “black and brown” to take power away from whites. These people never discuss the murders, loss of jobs, and loss of entire neighborhoods as a result of illegal immigration.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the black population is estimated at 42 million. Yet the Hispanic population is estimated at 50 million; by 2050 they could make up a third of the U.S. population. The future of black voting power looks bleak.

I’ve talked with countless blacks in California who feel like third class citizens. In fact, according to studies, middle-class and working class blacks are on the verge of disappearing altogether from some neighborhoods. Blacks are leaving California in search of jobs, fleeing crime and the deteriorating public school system, and migrating back to the South.

If black Americans don’t wake up and realize what’s being done to them by this administration and their so-called black leaders, they could be displaced and become a permanent underclass in a nation that their forefathers helped build.

About the author

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is the founder and president of two dynamic organizations: BOND (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), a national 501 (c) (3), a nonprofit organization dedicated to “Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man,” and BOND Action, a 501(c)(4) organization whose purpose is to educate, motivate, and rally Americans to greater involvement in the moral, cultural, and political issues that threaten our country. He also hosts a national radio show which airs M-F, 6-9 a.m., PT/9-12 Noon ET. For more information, visit