Borderless America Collides With the Ultimate Savagery

By Duana Hull
Volume 24, Number 1 (Fall 2013)
Issue theme: "Stolen lives"

Take a look at the pictures on page 16 from Camargo and Miguel Aleman. These disturbing images are a short drive from Roma, Texas. Americans were never shown the atrocities pictured here because their widespread exposure in the U.S. media would rev up demand for Israeli-type security fences that keep murderers away from civilized people.

The dismembered bodies, heads, and limbs, hung up on posts a short drive from the Texas/ Mexico border, were never publicized in major newspapers or on televised newscasts — an example of the way the government and press collude with the employers of cheap labor and the dealers of illegal drugs, that earn millions for thugs and murderers.

If we knew how vulnerable we have actually become, because of the inroads of heinous crimes at places so close to the border city of Roma, we would finally reject the justification that real barriers to illegal entry are verboten. But admitting savages is courting sure death, and worse than the small pox that put people back on the boat at Ellis Island.

If we mute the kind of information contained in these photos, fewer people will realize just how vulnerable we are to barbarism, and that causes justifiable fear. But equally important, we don’t want to think about it.

The explicit atrocities within 30 miles of an American town first elicit repression, so we can hold on to the “it won’t happen to me” syndrome, even though our border is unprotected and meaningless. But incredible violence can’t help but intrude on our life and safety in a country without either walls or effective surveillance

The federal government and the Department of Homeland Security are just a big joke and complicit in permitting these outrages, and the public is mostly uninformed about who it is they are welcoming. It’s something like how perfectly normal Germans feared Hitler in silence, so he would not have them in his sights if they complained, or tried to called attention to his hateful acts and unbelievable cruelties.

The drive for survival plus wishful thinking is a strong motivation for ignoring murderous pathology nearby, combined with just hoping it will all go away, so we cling to the myth that someone in authority, like the government, will protect and take care of us.

It’s like the news of a slaughter in Benghazi. It needs time to be forgotten; time for us to settle down, which provides some comfort that normalcy will return, that sarin gas in Syria was a onetime thing, and that conciliatory conversations and more tolerance and bribes will soften the savages, while we passively let obscene horrors fade from our memory, like any bad dream.
But brushing atrocities off is now political policy, as when “What difference does it now make about who is to blame!” comes from the former U.S. Secretary of State. These incidents happened far away from America, and life at home mostly seems to go on as usual.

Even the mayor of New York City, whose religion, actually practiced by him or not, is Muslim’s primary enemy, can’t see anything hideously wrong with building mosques so near the supposedly sacred ground where the Twin Towers were destroyed by Muslim fanatics, many legally present and trained to fly into signature buildings in American flight schools.

Yet, in the misplaced vanity of inappropriate benevolence, an American disease, this mayor wants to extend our nation’s freedom to those unwilling and or unable to be worthy of his consideration. He seems to believe we must set an example and not exclude anyone or deny them the rights America offers, no matter how heinous their crimes. More than anything else, New York City’s mayor needs to prove he is not like our enemies — wants more than anything, not to be like them. He mistakenly assumes that his own forgiving behavior will set the right example. But this attitude is a proven mistake.

Like many undisturbed by open borders, a look at the pictures that accompany this article, would seem sufficient to dislodge “turn the other cheek” and the usual embrace of the professional “set an example,” “good teacher” mentality, as a way to manage the danger psychopaths pose to the nation.

But certain atrocities are so unbelievably vicious that perpetrators have forfeited any right to enjoy American freedoms, let alone exist, since too many of their activities are the ultimate evil.
Many Muslims, who were in the pilot seat on 9/11, were in the U.S. on either student or visitor visas, which highlight our totally inept vetting process. Several were denied visas, but no U.S. agency made them go home because of it. And the failure to enforce immigration law has only gotten more flagrant than ever.

Our failures 12 years ago, not only brought down buildings, but forced Americans to jump out of windows and commit suicide rather than being burned alive. Our memories are unfortunately too short, and we do not hang on to intensely legitimate grievances with the passage of time.

And we cannot yet face that the door to America is wide open to anyone who can scale the fence, get a travel visa, buy a passport, a social security card, a driver’s license or Matricula Consular card, have a citizen child or arrange a false marriage. All is for sale. So an even more open door via amnesty is ridiculous and just adds one more route to permanent residence to wannabe Americans we know nothing about.

So it seems we have understood nothing from the deaths of innocent Americans at the hands of those who hate us, especially in Sanctuary Cities and the new open door to the building of mosques and incorporation of Islamic law, which is now taught in our schools.
But I am writing this article about an equally dangerous nightmare that is very, very close to home, not just tales or rumors, but pictures of mass killings and dismembered bodies, just thirty to forty miles away from Roma, Texas.

The southern border with Mexico and all the devastation caused to both nature and border residents — the shootings and the murders — have all been discussed for years. Yet, nothing has been done, because the U.S. powers that be are trying to establish a borderless world and are taking the lead in this effort, whereas even the suggestion of another amnesty is actually like dumping higher octane gas on a raging inferno.

We all know a lot now about the Mexican mafia, but another bit of this story needs to be told, especially the part about practices that are unspeakable, a savage obscenity too close to the U.S. to tolerate.

Almost no Americans and only a few Texans that hunt know about Roma, Texas, on the Mexican border, near the best White-winged Dove shooting in the country. The horror is that dismembered bodies can be found here on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande River. They send a clear message from major drug traffickers: “This is what will happen to you if you interfere with our business.”

So Roma has two attributes: it is in the center of a major drug transport route and a place where gruesome murders and the cutting off of heads and limbs are a political message to competitors or any source of interference with their ill-gotten gains.

Nathanial Parish Flannery, writing for the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, described how a grade school child in Roma explained to him the battle raging between the Mexican Army and the members of warring cartels, the drug-related kidnappings and the gruesome murders, “El guiso,” which means “to burn,” is a torture method where the cartel enforcers put you in a barrel full of gasoline and burn you alive.

Since 2006, 17,900 people have been killed in drug-related violence here. We know so little about this because the local press, who are fully informed, have been deliberately targeted for death if they expose those connected with the drug traffic.

But evidently life goes on in Roma, with mostly kidnapping crimes on the American side of the river. On the other side, Hacienda Don Quixote, run by an American, remains a luxurious White-winged Dove shooting experience of a lifetime, where a stay of four luxurious days will cost you over $3,000 and is usually fully booked.

But Flannery’s young informant did talk about a close neighbor in Roma who was “hung, shot, and burned by a cartel hit man.” So there seems to be a resemblance to Nazi Germany, where knowing or even talking about the atrocities can only get you in serious trouble and people not targeted try to go about their daily business as if they lived in a normal environment.

So take a look at the pictures of heads and limbs without bodies and bodies without heads, arms, and legs and see if Mexico is now a culture and country that we want to be part of a North American Union that includes the U.S. and Canada? This is a ridiculous and certainly a very dangerous idea.

Did Clinton, Bush, McCain, and Obama ever take this all in before they falsely assured us that we needed to satisfy the “dreams” of Mexicans here, no matter that we deliberately knew next to nothing about them and have no way to find out? And the first week of September, Janet Napolitano, in charge of U.S. Homeland Security, admitted her department lost track of more than a million foreigners. This is, of course, most surely an underestimate and was policy, not just mismanagement.

For this feat of purposeful incompetence, she was kicked upstairs to a higher-paying job as president of the largest and most prestigious state university in the nation, the University of California. She is sure to advocate multiculturalism and affirmative action, activities as backward as opening up America to the world without knowing newcomers’ values and likely propensities. And recent events in Boston inform us that murderers are evidently as welcome in the U.S. as anyone else.

A borderless nation with open doors to those of the criminal class can invite not just street crime but unbelievable evil, and we must no longer tolerate a farce like the current Department of Homeland Security, which functions in a way directly opposed to its very clear mission. This is much more than inadequate governance; it is deliberate self-destruction.

Our borders must be closed once and for all, and every entrant must have a foolproof reputation and first spend 10 to 12 years in the country, like the sensible policy in Switzerland. In the U.S. our prisons are full, our patience exhausted, and criminal acts, double dipping, and lies must not help anyone gain access to our once wonderful country. Will we save its valued and special attributes, or hasten its decline? Neither elected nor appointed officials at every level are of much help. How can it be that they don’t take this seriously?

When I talked to the closest FBI field office to Roma, in McAllen, Texas, to ask if these images of atrocities could actually be real, I was told that, yes, they knew about them, but assured me that these events took place, after all, about 30 to 40 miles away from the U.S. border. This was the “not to worry” answer that perpetuates our nation’s danger. Now look at the pictures and see if you think the FBI is as inadequate as most of the federal agencies supposedly in place to serve the best interests of U.S. citizens.

About the author

Diana Hull is the West Coast Editor of The Social Contract.