Some Quotes Concerning Islam

By The Editors
Volume 26, Number 4 (Summer 2016)
Issue theme: "Islam in America"

Only a society gone mad can unblinkingly be told that Islam is good and tolerant, that “we” (the West) have been nasty and unkind to it over the centuries — “remember the Crusades!” — and that terrorism needs to be understood, and cured, independently of Islam’s teaching and practice. At the root of the domestic malaise is the notion that countries do not belong to the people who have inhabited them for generations and built their institutions, but to whoever happens to be within their boundaries at any given moment — regardless of his culture, attitude, or intentions.

—Serge Trifkovic
Defeating Jihad: How the War on Terror May Yet Be Won, in Spite of Ourselves [page 64]

Three different compilations of data thus yield the same conclusion: In the early 1990s Muslims were engaged in more intergroup violence than were non-Muslims, and two-thirds to three-quarters of intercivilizational wars were between Muslims and non-Muslims. Islam’s borders are bloody, and so are its innards.

—Samuel P. Huntington
The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (pp. 256-258) [page 8]

Some critics may object that this account of Islam in the modern world [ The Sword of the Prophet ] does not pay much attention to Islamic moderation, to the everyday wish of everyday Muslims for a quiet life. This is not because such moderates are rare, but because they are rarely important. Religions, like political ideologies, are pushed along by money, power, and tiny vocal minorities. Within Islam, the money and the power are all pushing the wrong way. So are the most active minorities. The urgent need is to recognize this. Our problem is not prejudice about Islam, but folly in the face of its violence and cruelty. And in any case, the willingness of moderates to be what are objectively bad Muslims, because they reject key teachings of historical Islam, may be laudable in human terms, but does nothing to modify Islam as a doctrine.... Islam is a collective psychosis seeking to become global, and any attempt to compromise with such madness is to become part of the madness oneself. No one who believes that jihad is the right or duty of all Muslims, or who promotes adoption of Shari’a law or reestablishment of the caliphate, should be allowed to settle in any Western country, and every applicant should be asked. The passport of anyone preaching jihad should be revoked. This may be called discrimination, but the quarrel is not of our choosing. 

—Serge Trifkovi
The Sword of the Prophet (pp. 300-301) [page 6]