Point and Counterpoint in the Immigration Debate

By John Tanton
Volume 5, Number 1 (Fall 1994)
Issue theme: "Irredentism and the American Southwest"

Cast Two persons. 'WE' represents those who favor reduced immigration and cite in general the environmental, social and economic carrying capacity of our country. 'THEY' represents those favoring expanded immigration who cite in general a desire for more diversity, a larger population and perpetual economic expansion.

WE Shortages.

THEY Unlimited resources. An aging society.

WE Later retirement. Brain drain.

THEY No jobs at home. Diversity.

WE Division. Bilingualism.

THEY Biculturalism. Bilingual.

WE Bi-illiterate. Emphasize commonalities.

THEY Celebrate our differences. Family reunification.

WE Chain migration. Skills-based selection.

THEY Jobs Americans won't do. Challenge your motives.

WE Challenge YOUR motives. Effect on U.S. underclass.

THEY No job displacement. Restrictionist!

WE Border anarchist! Population problem.

THEY Must grow to compete. Globalism.

WE The national interest. Border security.

THEY Berlin Wall. Borderless economy.

WE Strategic industries. Limits to assimilation.

THEY Compassion. It worked in the past.

WE Times have changed. Employer sanctions.

THEY Discrimination. Xenophobia.

WE Xenophilia. Costs.

THEY Benefits. Albert Einstein.

WE Sirhan Sirhan. Mafia.

THEY Arturo Toscanini...

Emma Lazarus...


WE Touché! Nolo contendere! Checkmate!