Letters to the Editor - Spring 2001

Volume 11, Number 3 (Spring 2001)
Issue theme: "George W. Bush, last Republican president? And does it matter?"


In regards to your recent issue on changing British culture, changing American culture, and Canada (The Social Contract, Vol. XI, No. 2, Winter 2001), in the Jan./Feb. 2001 issue of Popline, published by the Population Institute, was an article on female genital mutilation (FGM). The article stated that Britain has "300,000 female immigrants from cultures that practice FGM, the largest number of any country in the European Union." Incredulously, the article also states that Europe is not in the "business of preaching and imposing its culture on other countries" ("EU Commissioner lashes out against genital mutilation" p. 4).

One of the themes of your Winter 2001 issue was an obligation to speak out against the importation of cultural values inconsistent with those of your nation. Judging other cultures is a fundamental right of any other nation or culture and its citizens. And despite the multiculturalist zealots, to speak out is more than appropriate; it is almost mandatory.

Even if said inadvertently, it's nice to hear an acknowledgment of a European culture - and by implication an American culture. It's sad, however, that Popline would not offer an obvious solution to these unnecessary cultural wars: implement a more selective immigration policy or, the best solution, eliminate immigration, including the much-abused refugee programs. Hail Britannia!

Dell Erickson

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Relax with the "invasion" mumbo jumbo (The Social Contract, Vol. XI, No. 1, Fall 2000). You guys need to loosen up a little. You should be glad that good-looking guys like myself are in this country. The reason that so many people are in this country illegally is because white people keep giving them jobs. Do you really believe that the waves of poor people crossing the border are thinking of taking back Aztlan? Duh! They're here to make a couple of bucks and they are hired because white criminals want to pay them less than minimum wage as well as cheat on their taxes.

Hector "The Invader" Avitia