Mohammed's Believe It Or Else! -- Review of a Comic Book

By Brenda Walker
Volume 15, Number 2 (Winter 2004-2005)
Issue theme: "Militant Islam and the West: taking jihad seriously"

A verbal description cannot do justice to this unique comic, so a partial page is included here along with the cover but one really should see it in color. The purpose is to illustrate some less well-known Islamic scriptures in comic book style, with the precise reference to the Koran or Hadith (the "authoritative" commentary) duly noted.

Important theological questions are broached, among them the place in the body where Satan resides (the upper part of the nose); the height of Adam (60 cubits, or around 30 yards); which gender predominates in hell (women, of course); the punishment for those who fall asleep during prayers (Satan urinates into their ears); the number of intestines which a non-Muslim has (seven); and many others. In addition, we learn fascinating facts about the Prophet, like his marriage to the 9-year-old Aisha.

You can read this comic online in glorious color at or order a paper copy for $5 (includes shipping, etc.) from Faith Defender, PO Box 7447, Orange CA 92863.

How many comic books are simultaneously educational, funny and a little scary? Mohammed's Believe It or Else! is surely an inspired use of the genre.

About the author

Brenda Walker lives in the San Francisco Bay area and produces the websites and She is guest editor of this winter 2004-2005 issue of The Social Contract.