VDARE.COM Webzine Meets Paper - Guest Editor’s Introduction

By Brenda Walker
Volume 17, Number 2 (Winter 2006-2007)
Issue theme: "Mass immigration and the 'National Question'"


       My first interaction with Peter Brimelow was when I voiced a complaint about an item in VDARE.COM.  In 2000, Steve Sailer had written about Sierra Club reformers organizing to battle the open borders forces within the organization, but he neglected to name the group of upstarts, called the Sierrans for US Population Stabilization at that time (still available online at www.SUSPS.org). Such efforts in the belly of the beast should be better recognized, I argued.

Furthermore, we treehugger friends of sovereignty were the real deal just as much as conservatives. Many patriotic songs are hymns to environmental beauty, after all, e.g. “purple mountain’s majesty.” As a UC Santa Cruz student’s sign asked last year, “Immigrants or Redwoods?” I know my answer.

Anyway, Peter encouraged me to write for VDARE.COM according to my own compass, which has resulted in topics ranging from poaching to the danger from misogynous cultures against women’s rights, and several smack-downs of the faux-greenies at the Sierra Club.

More than anything else, I have come to appreciate the diversity (if I may use that battered word) of opinion found on VDARE—experiential and political. Support for borders and sovereignty does indeed encompass the ideological spectrum. One finds Democrats like Joe Guzzardi, the frontline reporter from California classrooms where he works as an ESL teacher. Alan Wall brings a personally immediate perspective on Mexico , where he lives with his wife and children.

Economist Ed Rubenstein regularly crunches the pertinent numbers about costs, employment, job displacement, and demography. Commanche conservative David Yeagley occasionally drops by with his unique view. Steve Sailer examines an impressively wide swath of culture and science. Canadian James Fulford comments from the upper latitudes, besides wrangling the assorted short subjects on the accompanying blog. The array of talent—these writers along with others—makes for stimulating daily reading.

Additionally, VDARE.COM has been out in front, exploring areas where the politically correct fear to tread. Touchy subjects like race, religion, ethnicity and culture have been scrutinized with the “nice” filter off. Powerful elites like the media, churches, the academy, unions and various politicians get their comeuppance.

       VDARE is the essential immigration/culture webzine. Do avail yourself of the lively linked version online, as well as the handy transportable tree-based rendition here in The Social Contract.

About the author

Brenda Walker is Guest Editor of this issue.  She is publisher of ImmigrationsHumanCost.org and daily blogger, LimitsToGrowth.org.