Paul Singer - GOP Mega-Donor

By Wayne Lutton
Volume 24, Number 4 (Summer 2014)
Issue theme: "Billionaires for Open Borders"

Paul Singer, 69, is the supremo of the Elliott Management hedge fund. As such he has been variously described as one of the world’s “vulture capitalists.” He specializes in investing in distressed or bankrupt companies (such as Chrysler and Delphi) and distressed countries (such as Peru and the Congo). As we go to press, the financial news journals are reporting on his efforts to cash in on Argentina’s foreign debt.

Singer has long been a major funder of homosexual activist organizations. He has given millions of dollars to gay-rights initiatives across the country and is considered “pivotal in rounding up about $250,000 apiece for the Republican state senators in New York whose votes for same-sex marriage provided its margin of victory in the Legislature” [Frank Bruni, “The G.O.P.’s Gay Trajectory,” New York Times, June 9, 2012].

Immigration is a relatively new cause for Singer. He was the key donor behind Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign for president and is credited with persuading Romney not to focus on immigration-related issues. In 2013, he helped fund the National Immigration Forum’s Evangelical Immigration Table initiative. The objective here was to influence conservative Christians to drop their opposition to illegal immigration and instead embrace open borders. It happens that NIF is one of George Soros’s principle vehicles for influencing immigration policy. With Soros, Singer’s chief interest in this area is to buy support for the Senate Gang of Eight immigration bill.

Singer, Adelson, and their fellow Republican super-donors are doing all they can to see that amnesty for illegal aliens and increased legal immigration of foreign workers enjoys “bi-partisan” support.

[Tamara Keith, “Super Donor Backs Romney—and Gay Marriage,” “All Things Considered,” NPR, April 17, 2012; Matthew Boyle, “Romney’s Top Donor Teams with Soros Front Group on Immigration Reform,”, August 23, 2013].

—Wayne Lutton

About the author

Wayne Lutton, Ph.D., is editor of The Social Contract.