A Primer on Illegal Alien Crime

By Dave Gibson
Volume 26, Number 2 (Winter 2016)
Issue theme: "Immigration Briefing Book"

While illegal aliens are in fact criminals by virtue of their very presence in this country, a great number of them commit other, often heinous crimes, once inside our all-too-porous borders. Though illegal aliens can lay claim to identity theft, welfare fraud, drug trafficking, robbery, and murder, this article will focus upon two of the most prevalent and disgusting crimes committed by those here illegally: drunk driving, and child molestation and sexual assaults.

Drunk and Reckless Driving

Every week, there are reports from all over the country of illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico, killing and maiming people in automobile crashes.

 While most of the cases involve drunk driving, a great number of them were seemingly caused by simple incompetence or deficient driving skills.

What follows is a small sampling of recent crashes:

• In September 2015, a Dallas County (TX) jury found Angel Lopez-Gil, 22, guilty of causing an accident involving death.

• On March 15, 2015, Lopez-Gil blew through an intersection in Lake Highlands, hitting 55-year-old David Benton with such force that his body caused major damage to the illegal alien’s vehicle.

Rather than stopping, the Mexican national continued driving, with his victim’s body embedded into his windshield.

The Dallas Morning News reported, “Lopez-Gil drove away after striking Benton and later abandoned his car, according to police. He was found and arrested in the 7000 block of Claybrook Drive.”1

Incredibly, the illegal alien will receive no prison time, as he was was only sentenced to 10 years probation. At this time, there is reportedly no order to deport Lopez-Gil.

• In July 2015, North Carolina State Troopers observed a 1998 Chevrolet Blazer traveling north in the southbound lane of U.S. 52, near Akron Drive. That vehicle was being driven by Rafael Sandoval-Perez, 43, of 114 State Street in Winston-Salem.

The Mexican national hit another car, as officers gave chase.

Police eventually rammed Sandoval-Perez’s SUV. He lost control at this point and the vehicle flipped over, according to court documents.

Sandoval-Perez has been charged with driving while impaired, felony speeding to elude arrest, hit and run, careless and reckless driving, speeding, no operators license, open container of alcohol, and wrong way on a dual-lane road.

• On July 7, Antonio Rodriguez Arellano, 43, crossed the center line and slammed his truck into an oncoming vehicle vehicle, then jumped out and fled the scene, leaving behind a critically injured woman, according to several witnesses.

The woman was taken to WakeMed, where emergency surgery was performed.

Johnson’s injuries included a lacerated liver, a broken wrist and ribs, and a compound fracture to her left leg.

Police believe that the illegal alien was drunk at the time of the crash, but could not charge him with a DUI, because his arrest came two days after the nearly fatal wreck.

Arellano has been charged with felony hit-and-run (causing serious injury), driving without a license, reckless driving, and driving left of center. He was booked into the Wake County Detention Center on $32,000 bond as well as on an ICE detainer.

Not surprisingly, Arrellano has a long criminal history, and has been previously deported, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs officials.

The Mexican national’s crimes include two DUI convictions in both Wake and Randolph Counties.

• In June 2015, Johnston County (NC) sheriff’s deputies arrested Jorge Adalberto Ortiz Perez, 38, after he nearly hit another vehicle on Mt. Pleasant Road.

At the time of his arrest, Perez had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .18, more than double the legal limit, according to court documents.

Perez has been charged with driving while impaired and driving without a license. He was booked into the Johnston County Jail without bond.

Perez has been charged with two other DUIs in 2015, according to Johnston County Public Information Officer, Tammy Amaon.

• In June 2015, the 1999 Chevy Tahoe being driven by Yolanda Gonzalez-Saavedra, 18, crossed over the median, headed southbound into the northbound lane on U.S. 15, and began to roll over, according to the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

A 2011 Toyota Camry, traveling northbound, swerved to avoid the out-of-control vehicle, and instead, impacted another car in a head-on collision.

The Tahoe finally came to a stop, after rolling over onto a 2008 Toyota Camry before coming to a final rest, reported Lt. Jeff Gordon of the Highway Patrol.

Killed in the crash was Lt. Col. John Wade Collins, 44, of Pinehurst.

Gonzalez-Saavedra, a student at Northwood High School, was also killed in the wreck. She was one of Obama’s so-called “DREAMERS,” qualifying for the president’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), better known as “executive order amnesty.”

• In May 2015, Georgetown (KY) police arrested Odilon Paz-Salvador, 29, after he reportedly hit Mark Hinkel with his pick up truck.

At the time of the fatal wreck, Hinkel was participating in a cycling event. He was knocked off of his bike and flung into the bed of Paz-Salvador’s truck, according to police.

The Mexican national fled the scene and drove for at least three miles, as Hinkel lay dying, before police stopped him.

Paz-Salvador has been charged with murder, wanton endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident, fleeing or evading police, and driving without a license and DUI. He was booked into the Scott County Jail on an ICE detainer.

Of course, this is not the illegal alien’s first run-in with the law. In fact, it is his third DUI in Kentucky.

So why wasn’t this serial drunk-driver, who has no legal right to be in the country, deported before he killed someone?

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued the following press release on the matter:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement previously encountered Odilon Paz-Salvador in October 2012 at the Fayette County Detention Center following his arrest for drunken driving, for which he was later convicted. He was turned over to ICE June 17, 2013, and placed into removal proceedings; he was released from ICE custody eight days later after posting bond [emphasis added].

Mr. Paz-Salvador’s deportation proceedings are currently pending in federal immigration court. ICE placed a detainer with Scott County Jail on Odilon Paz-Salvador on May 25, 2015, following his arrest on criminal charges.

• In January 2015, Hoke County sheriff’s deputies arrested Rodolfo Marin-Vela, 29, after he reportedly ran through a stop sign at the intersection of North Old Wire Road and Shannon Road, and crashed into another car.

In that other vehicle were Jamie and Mary Ann Oxendine, as well as their 17-year-old son, Austin. All three died at the scene of the crash.

The crash occurred just outside the home of Ray Crumpler, who told WRAL:

We heard a loud crash. As soon as we heard it we immediately walked outside on the porch and saw the vehicles.

Basically all three of them looked like it was instantaneous. I’ve seen wrecks, but the impact was pretty bad. I checked for a pulse and I didn’t feel anything.

Marin-Vela has been charged with driving while impaired, reckless driving, three counts of felony death by vehicle, stop sign violation, no drivers license, seat belt violation, open container of alcohol, and exceeding a safe speed for conditions. He was booked into the Hoke County Detention Center on an ICE detainer.

• In January 2015, police in Selma (NC) arrested Rolando Perez Mendez, 27, following a head-on collision on US 70.

Mendez was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes when he crashed into the vehicle being driven by 21-year-old Rashida Kadeshia Faison. The impact of the wreck sent the victim’s car into eastbound traffic, where it collided with another automobile.

The driver of the third vehicle, was 75-year-old Shirley Futch Johnson, of Smithfield. Somehow, the elderly woman managed to escape injury.

Mendez was charged with driving while impaired as well as with driving without a license. He was booked into the Johnston County Jail without bond.

Mendez, Faison, and a passenger in Faison’s car, Alnisa Neal, 19, of Surles Drive, Four Oaks were taken to Johnston Medical Center in Smithfield for non-life threatening injuries. Johnson was not injured.

So, why are Mexican nationals causing an enormous number of injurious and fatal crashes?

 An examination of Mexico’s driving laws may hold the answer. 

As for DUI laws, only 15 of Mexico’s 32 states have legal driving limits for a driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

 Those states are: Aguascalientes, Chiapas, Distrito Federal, Estado de Mexico, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacán, Tamaulipas, and Vera Cruz - .04; Chihuahua - .05; Guanajato, Morelos, Nuevo León, Oazaca, Quintana Roo, and Sonora - .08; and Colima .08 - .10.

 View all countries’ BAC limits: 

According to the United Nations’ Pan-American Health Organization, a total of 200,000 people drove under the influence of alcohol on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in Mexico City, in 2008 alone.2 As to simple proficiency among Mexican drivers, the testing (or lack thereof) may provide the rather frightening answer.

 In six Mexican states as well as in Mexico City, issuing agencies do not administer any sort of test before handing out driver’s licenses. In these locations, one need only pay a fee to obtain a license (about $60 in Mexico City).

Three other states require the applicant to sit through a class, after which all attendees are issued licenses, while many other states give tests consisting of rather easy multiple choice questions.

 And what happens when a driver is pulled over in Mexico, say, for speeding?

 The Mexican travel website travelyucatan.com, gives the following advice:

Speeding is, as a rule, easily taken care of by offering to pay the fine on the spot. If you cannot pay on the spot, one of three things will occur3: The officer will accept less money; the officer will accompany you to an ATM while waiting around the corner; the officer will take your driver’s license and you’ll receive a ticket. 

You will need to pay the fine to retrieve your driver’s license.

 Sometimes the officer will simply let you off with a warning if you have a good attitude.

 You will NOT be arrested.

And, the result of such lax policies? 

In October 2011, The Economist announced that 24,000 fatalities occur on Mexico’s roads annually, while another 600,000 people are injured.4

 According to the World Health Organization, pedestrians account for 21 percent of Mexico’s road fatalities.

 Such was the case in June 2008, when Mackenzie Maddox, 6, was hit and killed while crossing the street in a suburb of Milwaukee. The man behind the wheel was previously deported Mexican national Jose Rodriguez.

 As little Mackenzie and her mother crossed the street at S. 84th St. and W. Cleveland Ave. in West Allis, WI, the car driven by Rodriguez came speeding through the intersection, striking both the little girl and her mother Andrea. Mackenzie died at the scene and her mother was taken to Froedtert Hospital; her mother survived her injuries.

 Rodriguez, who had four prior driving convictions including a DUI, had been deported back to Mexico only four months before the fatal accident. 

 The lack of standardized testing, the absence of drunk-driving laws, and corruption all add up to make Mexico’s roads, perhaps the most dangerous in the world.

As Mexican nationals make their way to the U.S., it is safe to assume that they bring their country’s dangerous driving habits with them.

Child Molestation and Sexual Assaults

Unfortunately, the crime of child rape is perhaps, even more common among illegal aliens than any other, and just as illegal immigration is no longer a problem isolated to the American Southwest, children in every corner of this nation are now vulnerable to these foreign predators.

Again, a small sampling of these abominations follows:

• In September 2015, Alberto Lucero, 45, pleaded guilty in New Hanover County Superior Court to one count each of the rape of a child and taking indecent liberties with a child.

He was originally charged with multiple counts of child sexual assault, but those were dropped in exchange for his guilty pleas.

WECT reported:

Not only did DNA evidence tie Lucero to the crimes, but he also admitted to detectives that he sexually assaulted the victim multiple times.

The girl was raped repeatedly over a period of several years, according to investigators.

Lucero was sentenced to between 41 to 59 years in prison.

District Attorney Ben David spoke with represent-atives from the citizens’ advocacy group known as NCFIRE, and disclosed that the evidence revealed that Lucero had, in fact, impregnated both his wife and young daughter on the very same day, but that his office had withheld this information from the press until after the trial’s conclusion.

• In September 2015, Rolando Saldana, 43, of 2156 James Boswell Road, Lot 9, was arrested by Alamance County sheriff’s deputies after he reportedly sexually assaulted a 7-year-old girl over a two-month period.

The Times-News reported:

The alleged offenses occurred between October 1 and November 30, 2014.
The suspect is related to the victim.

Saldana has been charged with first-degree sex offense with a child younger than 13, and indecent liberties with a child. He is currently being held at the Alamance County Jail on a $150,000 bond.

Though Saldana has a long history of arrests, he has never been deported.

• In September 2015, officers with the Longview (TX) Police Department arrested Eber Castro Morales, 33, of 1205 Cheryl St. #B, after he reportedly abducted and raped a 13-year-old girl.

Despite being in the country illegally, Morales works at the Texas Eastman Chemical Plant plant, which is where he was taken into custody, according to police.

Interestingly enough, Eastman Chemical boasts of their Longview employees’ as being ideal “citizens,” on their official website.

Morales, who is in the country illegally from Guatemala, has been charged with the aggravated sexual assault of a child. He is currently being held at the Gregg County Jail on an ICE detainer.

The illegal alien has confessed to picking up the girl and raping her inside his apartment, claiming he thought she was 16 years old, according to detectives.

• In August 2015, Jesus Atrian, 25, broke into the Brazoria County (TX) home of a 16-year-old girl with Down Syndrome and raped her, according to investigators.

Atrian is from Mexico and has been deported at least once in the past.

The Blaze reported:

Atrian has been arrested three times since 2008, including twice for public intoxication and more recently in 2012 for sexual contact with an 8-year-old girl, according to public records [emphasis added].5

The illegal alien was released on probation and into the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials in 2011.

• In August 2015, In the early morning hours of August 2, police in Springfield (MO) arrested Marvin Castellanos-Rivera, 26, after he reportedly dragged a woman into an alley and attempted to rape her.

Shortly after midnight, the victim, who was walking north on Market Avenue near College Street, was grabbed from behind by Castellanos-Rivera and slammed into a wall, according to court documents.

The Mexican national then covered the woman’s mouth with one hand, while holding a knife to her throat with the other.

KY 3 reported:

She said she saw a man riding a bicycle and yelled for help but the man kept riding and looked at her “like he did not know what to do,” according to the probable cause statement against Castellanos-Rivera.

The woman told police that her attacker punched her in the face and told her “don’t look at my face.” The woman said she begged the man not to rob her and he replied, “all I want is sex,” according to the probable cause statement. The man then pulled down her shorts [emphasis added]. 6

Eventually, another man heard the woman’s pleas for help and came to her aid, at which time Castellanos-Rivera fled the scene, running into a nearby bar known as “Softails,” according to a witness.

That bar is where police found the illegal alien and took him into custody. An affidavit from the Green County Prosecutor’s Office states:

Defendant held a knife to victim’s throat, pushed her against a wall and pul1ed her shorts down approximately six inches. Defendant punched the victim on the left side of her face. This defendant is clearly a threat to the community and this victim in particular.

Defendant is also a flight risk; defendant told officers that he has been deported prior to this incident. Defendant stated that he was allowed to come back into the country for a month to take care of child support issues [emphasis added].7

Castellanos-Rivera has been charged with attempted rape, and is currently being held at the Greene County Jail on $100,000 bond.

Despite the fact that Castellanos-Rivera has been previously deported and the serious nature of his latest crime, no ICE hold was issued for this illegal alien.

• In July 2015, Wayne County sheriff’s deputies arrested Aureo Antonio Lopez (aka Aureo Antonio Lopez-Noe), 34, after he reportedly abducted a 13-year-old girl, and forced himself upon her.

Lopez, of 1262 Pineview Cemetery Road, is acquainted with the victim’s family, and the incident began when he offered the girl a ride to work, according to court documents.

The Goldsboro Daily News reported:

Investigators say it was reported the suspect took the juvenile victim to an unknown location and solicited the victim for sexual favors. The suspect then began to make sexual advancements towards the juvenile who managed to escape and report this incident to a family member.8

Lopez has been charged with taking indecent liberties with a child, soliciting prostitution from a minor, and first-degree kidnapping. He was booked into the Wayne County Jail on a $300,000 bond and an ICE hold.

• In July 2015, Michigan State troopers arrested Eliazar Rivas-Rodriguez, 29, after he reportedly groped two teenage girls, according to court documents.

The victims, both 17, were assaulted in the wave pool at Michigan’s WildWater Adventure Park.

• In June 2015, police in Durham (NC) arrested Luis Rey Sanchez-Reynosa, 32, of Liberty Street, after he reportedly raped and molested a girl under the age of 13, over a period of several weeks.

Sanchez-Reynosa has been charged with two counts of rape of a child, two counts of indecent liberties with a child, and one count of sex offense with a child.

The most troubling and telling reason behind the growing epidemic of child molestation at the hands of illegal aliens, may lie in the fact the age of sexual consent throughout the majority of Mexico is 12 years of age.

 Article 261 of Mexico’s Federal Criminal Code states:

Whoever, without the purpose of reaching copulation, performs a sexual act on a person under 12 or on a person that has no capacity of understanding the meaning of the act or that for any reason cannot resist, or demands that the act is performed, will be punished with a term of 2 to 5 years in prison .9

A daily example of the “culture” we are importing from South of the Border can be found in the virtual “border state” of North Carolina, where an average of 13 child sexual assaults are committed daily by illegal aliens.

In just one month (April 2014) illegal aliens committed more than 390 sex crimes against children across the state of North Carolina...or, an average of 13 a day. In fact, between January 1, 2014, and June 15, 2015, there were 5,675 charges of child sexual assault filed against illegal aliens in the Tarheel state, according to NCFIRE.10

Obama’s Policies enable sexual predators

Though the Obama administration wants us to believe that every illegal alien in this country is either a valedictorian or an upstanding New American,who only wants to work and build a better life for his family, the facts paint a much different picture.

In late June 2015, a team of investigative reporters with KIRO 7 in Seattle, released a rather shocking report, which discovered that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had released at least 11 illegal aliens, convicted of sex crimes, into Seattle-area neighborhoods.

Under President Obama, ICE agents are no longer allowed to arrest and deport illegal aliens, for simply being in this country illegally.

On April 14, 2015, Sarah Saldana, Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), appeared before the House Judiciary Committee, and some stark revelations about the lawlessness of the Obama administration came to light.

• Between fiscal years 2013 and 2014, ICE released 66,565 illegal aliens, who were previously convicted of crimes in this country.

• Those criminal aliens account for nearly 30,000 DUIs, 2,600 incidents of domestic violence, 800 sexual assaults, nearly 500 kidnappings, and 300 murders.

U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), announced:

The average daily population (ADP) of aliens in detention facilities has declined to approximately 26,000 beds. This has occurred despite a mandate in law that requires ICE to maintain a 34,000 ADP in detention facilities.

After analyzing the data, Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, told Newsmax:

Whereas some ICE offices once processed as many as 100 illegal aliens a day for removal, now these same offices often process fewer than five per day, with the same staff.11

Of course, when discussing the issue of illegal immigration, the epidemic of sex crimes is never talked about by our politicians (with the exception of Donald Trump), nor is the impact that such an attitude towards the abuse of women and children could have on this nation by offering amnesty to millions of illegal aliens (mostly from Mexico).

However, one thing of which we can be certain is the fact that with an unprotected border, illegal immigration has truly become a national problem and one that poses a threat to every single American.


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About the author

Dave Gibson, a former legislative aide to a Virginia state senator, has been working as a freelance writer for many years. His work has been published in many newspapers and magazines, including the Washington Times.