Book Review: Grasping Islam’s Hostile Invasion

By Wayne Lutton
Volume 26, Number 4 (Summer 2016)
Issue theme: "Islam in America"

Just released in English translation, The Colonisation of Europe, is a sober look at what is taking place before our very eyes. The author, Dr. Guillaume Faye, is one of the leading intellectual figures of the French New Right. Arktos Media is making all of his books available to English-language readers (I especially recommend Convergence of Catastrophes).

Book Review:

By Guillaume Faye
Arktos Media,,
xviii+400 pp., 2000/2016 English translation
$28.00 from

According to Faye, Europe is experiencing not just “uncontrolled immigration” by “overwhelming numbers of foreign workers.” Rather, it is undergoing the “ultimate occupation” conducted by mostly Muslim masses of Maghrebian, African, and Asian peoples. The author forthrightly states, “The mass immigration of various peoples from the South, as well as that of the Muslims, is the gravest challenge that Europe has faced since the fall of the Roman Empire.”

The colonization of Europe has two causes. The first is the expansionist nature of Islam, which has targeted Europe since it crossed the Straits of Gibraltar in 711 A.D. Today, the “occupation has its collaborators: the politicians and the intellectual media class make up the backbone of the pro-immigration party, the party that participates in our colonization…they are well supported by the Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant religious hierarchies, none of whom suspect how much they are at risk of being devoured whole. The peoples of Europe have never been consulted, especially the working classes who bear the brunt of the shock resulting from colonial immigration.”

As in the United States, the politicians, with few exceptions, support this transformation: “The soft Right allows our colonization to take place through its own laziness, its weariness, and out of fear of being accused of inhumanity, while the insane Left encourages settlement through political miscalculation and ideological passion. The so-called Elites are ideologically drunk: Just like in the Coca-Cola formula, it is difficult to determine the proportion of imbecility, hallucinated altruism, anti-racist snobbery, ethnomasochism, and political miscalculation that is in this cocktail.”

So, in France, politicos and the mass media go out of their way to cover up self-inflicted problems created by foreigners who should never have been permitted to settle there in the first place. And when authorities are forced to confront crimes committed by illegal aliens, they excuse their behavior by claiming that France can no longer deport illegals.

The French government, like the U.S., spends billions on social and jobs programs for aliens, and does not permit employers to give preference to natives. “Rehabilitation through sport,” not unlike our inner-city Midnight Basketball games, is another scheme to try to appease disaffected “youths.” No matter how badly foreigners act, French society is blamed and citizens are told they must redouble their fight against “violence…poverty…and alienation.”

France has given up trying to assimilate the newcomers. Instead, “No-Go” zones—parallel communities of self-governing Muslims—are spreading throughout France, and, indeed all across Europe. “The implicit aim of Islam is very simply the conquest of Europe,” Faye warns. “Islam is completely incompatible with the European spirit.” People who cannot see this are fools: “as if, by some miracle, the brand of Islam that is establishing itself in Europe could ever turn out to be profoundly different from the religion practiced in Muslim countries.”

The author continues: “The very essence of Islam is one of intolerance. Its logic is highly Machiavellian and involves the dual use of force and cunning. It resorts to trickery when Muslims are weak and few, becoming forceful only when their dominance begins to prevail.” Muslims are surprised that Europeans permit the open practice of Islam, including the construction of giant mosques: “Allah is great. He brings madness on the enemy.”

What of the future for Europe? “Immigration is not a problem that we can calmly deal with but a war that is being waged against us. And wars can have only two outcomes: defeat or victory.”

About the author

Wayne Lutton is editor of The Social Contract.