Islam in America: A Firsthand Perspective

By Mary Rebel Yell
Volume 26, Number 4 (Summer 2016)
Issue theme: "Islam in America"

Ignorance is bliss, but I refuse to be ignorant! My busier life lately has drawn me away from the experiences that impassioned and enraged me. So to write this article, I have to review my many notes and memories of that which enraged me! I too would prefer the peace of ignorance and apathy. It’s easier to stick one’s head in the sand and pretend the danger doesn’t exist like so many around me do, but I am passionate to defend my people, my culture, and my land!

I live in a state that takes in more Muslim refugees by far than any other state, unbeknownst to most state residents. The large prestigious university in my hometown now has a Center for Global Islamic Studies, one of the few—so far—in the U.S. It brags (threatens) that this area will become a major center for Muslims.

Fifteen of the 19 September 11 Muslim hijackers lived and trained in my state. Those Americans that interacted with them all agreed that these men were polite and were not suspicious. Ignorance is bliss until that venomous snake in your pants bites you.

My first experience with Muslims: they demanded special treatment because they are so easily offended. They weren’t searched, unlike the rest of us attending an event where the speaker, a renounced Muslim, had death threats on her head by Muslims. The women in full burkas were not even searched; burkas that could easily have concealed suicide vests! How many of us in the audience might have been killed that evening in their goal of killing the speaker? But of course we are the kaffirs, the infidel—so we don’t matter anyway. Afterwards, I asked the women in burkas if they had been searched? One answered “Yes, we were touched all over inappropriately!” and others nodded in agreement. Later, the police told me that ‘no, they were not searched, but would have been searched by a woman cop, had they appeared nervous or suspicious. (How can that be observed when all you can see are their eyes?)

That first experience led to many others over four to five years, I learned about the local IOC (Islam on Campus), one of many chapters throughout the U.S. They apparently have lots of money to spend: $55,000 this year from the union student activities fund, plus more I believe from ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America). They offered free food, free glossy, color brochures, literature, Korans, cups, pens, visors, sunglasses, all emblazoned with the IOC logo. They flew in black Muslim speakers from all over the U.S. They hold an Islam awareness month (later renamed Islam appreciation month) during February (traditionally black history month), and I soon surmised the reason. They appealed constantly to American blacks, their most fertile source of converts; 40 percent of Muslims in the U.S. are blacks. The IOC expressed their admiration for Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and condemned Americans as deeply hateful, racist, and intolerant. America had slaves!

When I spoke at the microphone, I attempted to enlighten them that slavery was worldwide throughout history (and still exists today) but Western countries were the first to outlaw it, and that Muslims (and Portuguese) were the preeminent slave traders! Plus the Arabic word for blacks “abeed” is their word for slave! Well, it was as if I had socked them in the jaw! The student panelists/officers were stunned into silence! I continued speaking out at their other events, each focusing on a topic condemning America (and only America).

At the next year’s Islam appreciation month there were no microphones for the audience with questions or comments. No surprise there! We were instructed to write our questions on index cards. I stood up and dared them to take my questions. I asked how we Westerners could have an honest dialogue with Muslims when they have their principle of taqiyya (the permission to lie to infidels, especially to promote Islam). Well, the answer was laughter, and derision: “where do you people all get this stuff? There is no such thing!” So they lied about the principle of lying to the infidel! Just as the women in burkas lied that they had been searched and “touched all over inappropriately.”

I have witnessed their arrogance, their strong belief in their superiority, their aggressiveness, their closed-mindedness, their closed society. IOC is gender segregated. They plan events to keep Muslim students from interacting with “dirty” Westerners. I believe they keep tabs, spy on the female Muslims, maybe report to their families back home; are they wearing their hijabs, are they becoming Westernized, not going to mosque? IOC urges Muslims to push for halal foods at the cafeteria (with accompanying jobs for Muslims to prepare and serve it), push for university-wide hijab day (for all women to wear one). They already have prayer rooms throughout campus and brag about special parking for access to them on a campus notorious for lack of parking availability.

IOC has urged their members to get aggressive with politicians in the state capital. They protested there against a bill they called the “hate bill” because it specified that no other law would ever supersede the U.S. Constitution in our own state! They hope to establish a chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization known for supporting terrorism. Speaking of terrorism, a “motivational speaker/ poet” from the (Wahhabist) Al Mahgrib Institute brought to the university by IOC encouraged the young Muslim students to make their mark in history: martyrdom for Islam, the highest honor, will get them to the highest level of paradise, “Jannah,” where they will live in eternity with the martyrs, “You are not too young” he said. Meanwhile, I looked for the faculty advisor, a middle-aged Muslim professor. There he was calmly leaning against the back wall as the poet recited his poems glorifying terrorists! Remember, the university funded $55,000 for these activities. Interestingly this same IOC faculty advisor spoke at a local church during their interfaith dialogue, about how we can all coexist peacefully! In the churchyard later, I went up to the IOC faculty advisor being thanked and congratulated and calmly brought up the IOC pro-terrorism, pro--suicide bomber event. He abruptly left, and a couple of the church members standing there looked at me as if I was offensive!

Since then, the university has established a Center of Global Islamic Studies, promising to make this a big draw for Muslims. My hometown city has recently declared itself the first “Welcoming City” in our state! The effort was a stealth one led by the interfaith alliance and CAIR Tampa. The local citizens were not informed, and the city commission which voted its approval were misinformed. “Welcoming City” is not merely a warm and fuzzy designation; it is the first step outlined in Obama’s executive action, an unconstitutional back- door amnesty and Syrian refugee program, called the Task Force on New Americans.

President Obama named Cecilia Muñoz (long-time vice president of the Latino supremacist National Council of La Raza) as head of the Task Force on New Americans (TFNA). In the government’s wording, “these new American “transplant/seedlings will need fertile soil to be planted into.” This fertile soil is free housing, health care, food stamps, welfare, cash allowances, job training, psychiatric counseling, English tutoring, possible zero interest loans to start small businesses, and government -paid “navigators” to guide them to the places/agencies to sign up for their “fertile soil”! They will not have to assimilate but will ‘create their own countries within a county.’ The navigators will aid in this.” It fits in nicely for Muslims with their principle of hijra, (the encouragement to emigrate, to claim territory, and to spread Islam, but not to assimilate). The West has a very low birthrate, the Middle East a high one. They believe this is the unfolding of Allah’s will: that Muslims will inherit the West!

My city commissioners all answered “no” when I asked at the final vote if they were ever told about the TFNA. They discussed “cancelling the vote, to learn more,” but then suddenly voted; all but one in favor! More ignorance is bliss! Meanwhile, an event I attended at a forum of European studies professor/experts discussed the “refugee crisis in Europe” and concluded that it would not be a problem if there weren’t borders! Truly times are so crazy! You can’t make up this stuff! Truth is stranger than fiction. There is a video of this “problem due to the borders”!

A common theme of the Muslims is attacking the U.S. for its racial hatred and intolerance. How ironic to hear them lecture the U.S. on such issues! Aren’t they the most intolerant people and “religion” in the world? Yet I’ve witnessed it several times, but no one else speaks up, so I am compelled to! CAIR publishes an Islamophobe list of names and photos, and they have taken photos of me—even as they pretended to want a dialogue with me! CAIR and IOC play the same game plan, the same wording, the same shaming of the West, and the same divide and conquer tactics of the Far Left seeking to ally themselves with blacks, and lately, Hispanics: all as victims of racist, hating whites. They are pushing voter drives among themselves and other minorities.

They get U.S. taxpayer grants to fund so-called Muslim charity : feeding the homeless and free medical clinics in the name of Islam, reminding minorities that they care, while failing to mention that the U.S. taxpayer is paying! I learned of this at their events, advertised only to the young naïve politically correct university students, NOT to the broader public. When I try to get locals to go with me, they refuse, claiming they are too busy or even that “I would get too angry if I attended.” As if it doesn’t bother me?! Once again, ignorance is bliss. I have gotten a few influential people to listen. The university police captain verified my reports, contacted me, and said those reports were being sent to the FBI’s joint task force on terrorism. But when the U.S. Attorney General condemns “Islamophobes,” am I just putting another target on my back as CAIR has done? Supposedly we are encouraged to see something, say something, right?

My congressman was floored by the information I brought to his district director regarding Welcoming City and TFNA, something they were unaware of. He has attempted to author legislation to help states keep Syrian refugees out and to stop Community Development, Block Grants from funding TFNA. I’ve pleaded with him to work with Senator Jeff Sessions, a leading hero in the fight against illegal immigration, refugees being forced on the U.S., and the intentional trade deals that would open up the U.S. to the free flow of labor worldwide. By the way, regarding refugees, remember Obama has opened up two new categories of refugees: transgender and extra money to transition, and victims of domestic violence possibly hundreds of millions of women and children from the violent Muslim, Latino, and Asian cultures.

Remember too that they are entitled to be transplanted into our “fertile soil.” At our own expense and with our demise. I get frustrated, terribly angry, and terribly sad, but I cannot close my eyes and ears to it.

About the author

Mary Rebel Yell is the pen name of a burka-phobic American woman who prefers to keep her American wardrobe.