America - Indispensable Nation to the Global Left

By James Kirkpatrick
Volume 27, Number 4 (Summer 2017)
Issue theme: "Malthus Revisited - The Perils of Overpopulation and Globalism"

It wasn’t just an election. It was an attempted regime change. The movement to elect Donald Trump was a desperate effort to fundamentally shift the direction of American foreign policy going back half a century and to overthrow a bipartisan governing class. And both his most passionate supporters and detractors knew it.

Before his election, we were told President Trump would end NATO, as well as pull back from American alliances in Asia. He would pursue rapprochement with Russia and work with, rather than against, Putin to combat terrorists in Syria. He would stand up to China’s exploitive trade policies. He would avoid unnecessary foreign military inventions. And, it was even hinted, Trump would take on Saudi Arabia and even block all oil imports from the Kingdom.

Of course, there were a number of things which would remain in place. Trump promised not just to maintain, but to strengthen the alliance with Israel, even vowing to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. And the President vocally condemned the Iran deal and promised to reverse it.

Still, a President Trump seemed like the first possibility to change the American foreign policy consensus since Pat Buchanan. For that reason, traditionalist conservatives and even a fair number of noninterventionist leftists rallied to his cause.

Needless to say, none of this has happened. Even as the “Deep State” has checked The Donald domestically and sabotaged him with constant leaks to the hostile press, President Trump’s foreign policy is all but identical to the one which would have been established by a President Evan McMullin.

In grand strategic terms, America maintains a more or less permanent alliance with Israel and the Sunni Arab nations, warring continuously on their behalf throughout the Muslim world. Additionally, the United States underwrites the defense costs for guarding Europe and several Asian nations. The main material interests at stake seem to be the protection of certain pipelines in the Middle East and the prevention of Russia securing similar infrastructure. The main countries identified as “enemies” are Russia, the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, and Iran, with the latter being continuously identified as the foremost sponsor of terrorism in the world.

None of these alliances or wars can be justified in rational terms of the national interest. The blood and treasure expended far exceeds any resources gained. Yet there’s something more insidious going on.

The world’s foremost financial sponsor of terrorism, and the country which is facilitating the growth of Islamic extremism around the world, is Saudi Arabia. Yet it was precisely this nation which Trump honored with his first visit as president. Insanely, when the terrorist group ISIS attacked Tehran, the Trump Administration condemned the Iranians for their sponsorship of terror, even though it is the Iranians who are doing the most to combat ISIS.

President Trump is currently under siege because of supposed ties to Russia. Yet Trump has done nothing to actually repair the relationship with that nation, despite his campaign rhetoric. The State Department continues to insist, absurdly, that Russia “return” Crimea to Ukraine. The American military continues to have troops concentrated in Eastern Europe. Trump has launched military strikes against the Syrian government, prompting one Trump supporter, Lauren Southern, to mourn, “All we could do is postpone the war these people wanted.”

But even these unnecessary alliances and antagonisms are only the beginning of America’s nefarious global role. It is America which continues to provide millions of taxpayer dollars to far-Left groups, including those linked to George Soros and his Open Society Institute, to overthrow conservative governments and promote Muslim rights in Eastern Europe. This includes promoting groups which are facilitating the Islamic takeover of once Christian nations such as Macedonia. Even under Trump, the State Department is funding programs to promote immigration and refugee resettlement in Western Europe as well.

It’s America which serves as the global guarantor of a liberal order which is leading to Western extinction. Trump’s call for European states to send more money to NATO is hardly a triumph for “America First.” Instead, it simply reinforces a power bloc which even now is pressuring Poland, Hungary, and other Eastern European states to accept Muslim refugees. Indeed, Trump’s increases in military spending serve only to expand the power which forced Syria’s surrender to Muslim terrorists, removed Gaddafi and unleashed mass migration to Europe from Africa, and is currently trying to overthrow a once stable government in Syria which effectively combatted Islamic extremism.

What, after all, have American “victories” brought the American people? The Balkans are being Islamized now that Serbia has been reduced and American money funds Islamic expansion from Macedonia to Albania. American victory in the first Persian Gulf War allowed the Saudis to continue to fund mosque construction in the West; victory in the second allowed the growth of ISIS and constant terrorist attacks. The “successful” NATO intervention in Libya and the ongoing attacks in Syria unleashed a refugee crisis which may well destroy the home Continent of the European people within our generation. And the seemingly only result of the American effort in Afghanistan, stretching now into sixteen years of our men being constantly shot by their “allies,” is a boom in heroin production, the very drug gutting American white working class communities.

If this is what “success” looks like, patriots can be forgiven for wishing for failure.

It’s said nations have no permanent friends but simply permanent interests. But this begs the question — who decides what constitutes the nation and its interests? Disagreements over exactly this point are usually fundamental to revolutions, internal coups, and purges. The Bourbons’ alliance with the hated Austrians was one of the driving causes behind the French Revolution; once the Girondins took over, they promptly declared war. The Strasserites in Nazi Germany wanted an alliance with the Soviet Union rather than Hitler’s hoped for peace with Britain; they were purged for it. Even in Iraq, we can expect the majority Shiite nation will at least partially fall into the Iranian orbit the minute America is forced to lessen its grip. Rather than the Sunni check on Iran it was under Saddam Hussein, Iraq is now a crumbling federalist state which Iran may essentially run. Fundamental domestic changes almost always lead to a dramatic shift in a country’s geopolitical role.

What is America’s role today? Broadly defined, America serves as the bodyguard and the enforcer for the global Left. It is American troops who ensure no nation remains apart from the global financial system. It’s America which funds professional revolutionaries through supposed “NGO’s” that agitate to bring down any nationalist or conservative regime. And it’s America which dishonestly claims to be fighting terrorism, while destroying the only secular regimes which could have effectively combatted it and serving as the hired muscle for the Saudi regime.

America, simply put, is globalism’s hired goon. And the American ideology of a “nation of ideas” defined by shared “human rights” and “democracy” is now the template for an entire global order which sees nation-states (at least European ones) as obstacles to be overcome.

The Trump Revolution was an attempt by the historic American nation to get the world’s sole superpower to switch sides in the conflict between nationalism and globalism. With a rapprochement with Russia, confrontation with Saudi Arabia, the reclamation of economic power from China, and friendship with European nationalists, America could have begun to disassemble the global political order, which, if it remains unchanged, will most likely ensure there will not be a single majority white nation by the end of this century save a fringe country like Iceland or Estonia. There was also the thrilling possibility American military might or could actually be used to defend the interests of Western Civilization, not just by securing our borders, but by guarding the borders of Europe and protecting the scattered Christian communities of the Middle East.

Yet Trump’s Revolution was betrayed at the moment of victory. Perhaps Trump himself never really believed in it. But it seems more likely the global demands of empire necessitate the dismantling of the core population’s interests at home. Immigrants are needed to staff the overstretched legions and perform cheap labor, restrictions on Islam must be abandoned to keep Muslim “allies” happy, unnecessary fights must be picked with plausible enemies like Russia to keep the military-industrial complex flush with cash. And all of these global military efforts are performed by a country whose ruling class declares it is impossible to guard its own borders, even as it trumpets its willingness to start World War III over the borders of Ukraine.

The proper way to think of the Washington government is not as “our” government, but as our occupiers. And therefore, it’s not terribly surprising it pursues policies which are seemingly hostile to “our” national interests. After all, what does it matter to the Washington government if American soldiers continue to die pointlessly, if an Islamic terrorism threat is imported where none previously existed, and if the country devolves from a powerful nation into a hodgepodge of mutually hostile, squabbling ethnic tribes?

The greatest enemy the historic American nation faces isn’t in Moscow or Tehran. It isn’t in Mecca or Beijing. It isn’t even in New York, where those “globalists” of the United Nations plot and scheme to take away our sovereignty. It’s in Washington, D.C., where the leaders of the Anti-White System’s “indispensable nation” deliberately and systematically plot to destroy the Western world.

Such a process only expands the power of the managerial regime to expand control over social relations both in America and abroad, redirect resources to politically connected companies and clients, and deconstruct any intermediate institution which exists between the federal government and the populace. Those who rule us are not stupid; they are quite purposefully and skillfully pursuing their own interests, which have nothing to do with ours.

Just as the federal government breaks down these intermediate institutions domestically, American military power breaks down the power of other sovereign states to ensure the rulers in Washington can manage social norms in societies abroad. If “American” military power was broken, it would not just mean liberation for other nations, it would mean the real American nation, which is to say the European-American population, could finally reclaim its own sovereignty rather than serving as the cannon fodder for an agenda hostile to its own interests. If the nation is to live, the empire must die.

Of course, this means the immigration patriot movement needs to rethink our entire grand strategy. We aren’t really trying to “save” the United States; with America’s power and might, any kind of leadership that wasn’t openly hostile to us could solve the immigration problem in seconds. After all, that’s what we thought we were getting with Donald Trump, but even the Commander-in-Chief finds himself hamstrung by Deep State structure passionately committed to open borders, not just for America but for the entire Western world.

Really, we must think of ourselves as a movement of national “liberation,” no different than the anti-colonial movements which overthrew hostile ruling castes in countries all around the world in the last century. Such a thing may sound radical or overstated. But really, it’s the most natural thing in the world for an American. After all, it was by overthrowing an internationalist, foreign elite who saw this country as nothing but a commercial opportunity that we started this country in the first place. ■

About the author

James Kirkpatrick, a regular contributor to, is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.