There Is No Limit to the Mainstream Media’s Protection of Illegal Aliens

By Dave Gibson
Volume 28, Number 4 (Summer 2018)
Issue theme: "Are there no limits? The crisis of overpopulation, mass immigration, and overconsumption"

Though it should not do so, it still amazes this writer to go through the daily reports of crimes committed by illegal aliens, only to see either the accused or convicted felon described as “a Raleigh man,” or “a Houston man,” etc., when the suspect in question has been deported back to Mexico, say, half a dozen times. How can that “man” to whom the reporter refers, be “a Raleigh man,” when his nationality is Mexican?

Of course, no reference is ordinarily offered by the mainstream media (MSM) to the fact that the criminal is in fact, a criminal alien. However, when it is revealed that a truly heinous crime such as rape, child molestation, or murder has been committed by someone whose very presence in this country is, itself, a crime, the story rarely receives any attention from the national press, and merely merits scant coverage by local newspapers and network affiliates. When family members of a victim of a brutal heinous crime draw attention to this author’s work on illegal alien crimes during an “Angel Moms” event with President Trump, the response from Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank is to smear this author’s work as a “rabbit hole of white supremacism.”

What follows are but two examples of this collective lie of omission:

• On July 22, 2014, Amos Milburn Jones, 56, was attacked and stabbed to death at a strip mall. In all, there were six attackers, who beat Jones mercilessly and stabbed him multiple times. Within eight hours, Prince George’s County (MD) police officers had all of the assailants in custody—all were charged with first-degree murder. Those charged were: Jose Eduardo Menjibar-Alaman, 18, Oscar Alberto Parada, 20, Jose Irving Guzman Dominquez, 23, Jose Martinez Serrano, 18, Almicah Sergovir, 18, and Katherine Abigail Lopez, 17.
All six are illegal aliens and are either members or associates of the hyper-violent Latin American gang known as MS-13.

In recent years, the gang has turned southern Maryland into their East Coast headquarters, due to the state’s “sanctuary policy” towards illegal aliens, and the large Central American population now living in that part of the country.

MS-13 often requires potential members to dish out a severe beating, or kill someone at random to gain entry to the gang.

Jones enjoyed fishing and boxing, and once even sparred with Sugar Ray Leonard, according to family members. He also had a 16-year-old son and had served with the U.S. Army.

Except for a few local reports, this story was effectively buried.

• On December 15, 2012, only a day after the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School, another madman went on a shooting spree, again armed with a so-called assault rifle (AK-47). One of his victims was a child. However, unlike the Connecticut shooting, this one was completely ignored by the national media.
The shooting took place at a trailer park in Heflin, Alabama, and left the shooter’s three brothers dead. Those men were identified as Lorenzo Moya, 36; Miguel Moya, 23; and Ismael Moya, 17.

The shooter, Romero Roberto Moya, 33, also shot his 19-month-old son as well as a police officer, according to police. Both of those victims required extensive surgery, but recovered.

Following the shootings, Moya led police on a 25-mile chase and was eventually shot to death.
Moya was a previously deported illegal alien. In June 2011, Moya had pleaded guilty to cocaine trafficking and spent less than a year in prison for the charge. In March 2012, he was released into the custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and deported to Mexico on April 5, according to ICE.
Det. Dennis Green with the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office, reported that Moya’s wife claimed he made his way back to Alabama in September 2012, only four months after his deportation.
Of course, this case is a clear demonstration of just how meaningless deportations are with an unprotected border. This tragedy also demonstrates how President Obama’s policies of appeasement toward illegal aliens have placed all Americans at grave risk.
Not surprisingly, the mainstream press was not anxious to tell this “narrative.”

Incidentally, both of the preceding accounts were written by this writer, and appeared on the now defunct website.

Out of sight...out of mind?

The newest tactic being employed by the MSM is to ignore the most heinous crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens altogether.

• On May 19, 2018, Stephen Long was driving home when Guadalupe Garza plowed into his vehicle at a stoplight in Spring, Texas. Garza was charged with intoxication manslaughter, and Long left behind his wife and eight-month old son, Logan.

His widow, Ann, took the baby to spend the weekend with her mom, and did not know that her husband had been killed until the following day. She found police officers waiting at her door with the devastating news, as she and Logan arrived home.

ABC affiliate KTRK reported:

“I am dreading when he gets older and asks me where his dad is and I have to tell him what happened. I think about that and I think I don’t know how I’m going to do that,” she said.

She hopes by sharing their story, she can keep even one person from driving drunk.

“They didn’t just kill some random person, they killed someone’s dad,” she said.1

A week after Long was killed, the only media outlets offering any coverage of this murder were the local ABC affiliate and the blog known as Nicholas Stix Uncensored.2

• On May 16, 2018, through an interpreter, brutal serial rapist Miguel Luna pleaded guilty to aggravated criminal sexual assault for raping multiple women on the I&M Canal path near Joliet, Illinois.

Luna faces between 32 and 80 years behind bars when he is sentenced on July 16.

The Joliet Patch reported:

According to prosecutors, Luna attacked his first victim on Sept. 6, 2015 between Brandon Road and Larkin Avenue. He jumped off a bike, tackled the woman from behind, dragged her into the woods, and tied her up. He raped his victim during the more than 90 minutes he held her captive, prosecutors said.

Then Luna struck again around 8 a.m. May 21, 2016. That victim was running along the Frontage Road near Interstate 55. That morning, Luna wore sunglasses, a ski mask, surgical gloves as he grabbed the woman from behind and put her into a choke hold, prosecutors say. Luna raped her under the I-55 viaduct.

Ultimately, Luna was captured as a result of a rape investigation involving a third woman. “The defendant, who also knew this woman’s friend, tied up his victim and sexually assaulted her in a secluded area near Brandon Road. The victim’s friend later identified Luna for police,” prosecutors revealed Wednesday.

Luna’s DNA also tied him to the first two rapes by the I&M path, according to prosecutors.

“Miguel Luna is in this country illegally. This ruthlessly violent sexual predator should never have had the opportunity to brutally prey upon these innocent young women,” Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow said in Wednesday’s statement announcing the guilty plea.3

“He terrorized our community by repeatedly committing the most vicious sexual assaults against unsuspecting women in an historic area that people from throughout the region safely enjoy for recreation,” Glasgow further commented.

Keep in mind that this series of brutal rapes occurred close to Chicago, one of the nation’s largest media markets, and The Joliet Patch was the only news outlet which gave any meaningful or accurate coverage to the story.

Of course, The Joliet Patch is described as a network of “hyperlocal news websites,” which was acquired by AOL in 2009, and has struggled ever since. The somewhat obscure network is now owned by Hale Global Media, and could, in no form or fashion, be considered part of the MSM.

• On May 11, 2018, Arnoldo Pompa-Rascon went on a deadly shooting spree in Kansas City, Missouri.

WDAF reported:

According to the probable cause statement, it was around 8:14 p.m. Friday when a woman traveling east along NW Barry Road near North Marston Avenue heard a “pop,” saw a silver Dodge Neon take off as the “high-end” sports car a popular Kansas City tattoo artist Russell Fisk was driving ran off the road and into a light pole. Police said Fisk died from a gunshot wound to the head. This shooting happened in Platte County.

The witness said she did not see an altercation prior to the shooting.

The probable cause document says while police were investigating the deadly shooting, they were alerted of another shooting at 102nd and North Oak Trafficway in Clay County.

A man told police he was riding his motorcycle and about to turn onto westbound 102nd Street from northbound North Oak when he heard a shot and realized he had been injured. The man told investigators that there was a pause then a second shot. Then several more shots. He says the last vehicle he saw before hearing the shots was a silver Dodge Neon.

Just a few minutes after police were alerted of that shooting, they learned of a third shooting near 111th and N. Campbell Street, which is also in Clay County.

According to the probable cause statement, the victim in this shooting had just pulled into his driveway when he noticed a silver Dodge Neon drive up slowly and stop at the end of his driveway. The victim recalls the man asked him something, but he didn’t know what he was saying, so he walked closer. Pompa-Rascon allegedly told the victim that he didn’t speak English, but appeared to be asking about someone. The victim said he told Pompa-Rascon that he didn’t know that person, apologized and walked away. He says when he turned to walk away, Pompa-Rascon shot him in the chest. The victim returned fire, but told investigators that he wasn’t sure if he actually hit the suspect.4

The preceding report from the local Fox News affiliate was, again, the only meaningful and accurate coverage given to this crime.

This writer posted the story on the U.S. Illegal Alien Crime Report’s Facebook page, and targeted Kansas City, and asked the question: “How many of you have heard about this?”5

The response was overwhelming, as well as overwhelmingly shocking. Shocking, that is, to the residents of Kansas City. Most of those leaving comments on the post claimed either to have never heard any details about the shooter, or had failed to see any coverage at all.

Remember, this shooting spree took place in the aftermath of the high school mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, amid daily gun control rants from the MSM. So, why would the anti-Second Amendment national press ignore this story?

Could it be the fact that the shooter, Pompa-Rascon, is an illegal alien who has been deported back to Mexico at least four times?

Excuses, Excuses...

When the MSM is not labeling a criminal alien “a Raleigh man,” or simply failing to report on the monstrous crimes committed by illegal aliens, they are making excuses for the vile behavior of these invaders.

On April 9, 2018, 30-year-old Jose Hernan Delcid Guzman, an illegal alien from El Salvador, was sentenced in an Eagle County courtroom to 16 years in a Colorado state prison for raping an 11-year-old girl.

This vile creature (described as “an Eagle County man” by The Aspen Times), defended his sexual assault of a pre-teen girl during a pre-sentencing evaluation by stating that his unthinkable act would be perfectly legal and acceptable in his home country.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Joe Kirwan described the illegal alien as “a predator of young children.”

Perhaps, because of the particularly heinous nature of this crime, combined with the fact that the illegal alien actually received the exact sentence, which the prosecution team asked for, this case was covered by a major newspaper.

However, that paper apparently felt the need to elicit some measure of sympathy for Guzman, in light of his unspeakable crime.

The Aspen Times offered the following report on Guzman’s past with the subtitle “BRUTAL UPBRINGING:”

Guzman’s childhood was brutal, said his sister who spoke on his behalf.

He is the fourth of nine siblings in a dysfunctional family, raised by a “ruthless” stepfather, “punishments … with no mercy at all, at least three times a day.”

He had to collect firewood to sell, to buy one meal a day for his siblings, she said.

He lived in a shack with a thatched roof. The family slept in beds made of rope, while water flowed through the floor from the alley outside.

When Guzman turned 14, he learned that the man was his stepfather, not his real father, she said.

“As a teenager, it was very difficult to overcome all that, and to see the mistreatment his mother suffered along with him,” she said.

Through all that, he tried to become the best person he could be, she said.

“His childhood was very sad and very painful,” she said.

“In all those years, he never had any trouble with any other person, let alone with the law,” she said. “I understand the serious mistake he made. I know that it has a consequence he cannot escape.”6

You will never hear this anywhere else...

In September 2014, more than 400 charges of child sexual assault were filed against illegal aliens in North Carolina, according to the citizens advocacy group known as NCFIRE. In fact, more than 3,300 such charges were filed in that state alone, during an 11-month period.7

On one day alone, two illegal aliens were arrested for sex crimes against children in New Hanover County…there are 100 counties in North Carolina.

Those charged on November 5, 2014, were:

• Garcia, Augustin, age 65, charged with four counts of first-degree rape, four counts of crimes against nature, four counts of incest, and five counts of indecent liberties with a child.

• Herrera, Elton Francisco, age 37, charged with six counts of the sexual exploitation of a minor.

Considering that the state capital of Raleigh is located more than 1,500 miles from the Mexican border (McAllen, Texas), the number of child sexual assaults committed annually by illegal aliens in border states such as Arizona and California are likely to be staggeringly higher.

While such statistics are startling and likely difficult to even comprehend, for those who have been raised in modern societies, there is a simple explanation for the growing epidemic of child rapes at the hands of illegal aliens…the age of sexual consent throughout the majority of Mexico is only 12 years of age.

Article 261 of Mexico’s Federal Criminal Code states: “Whoever, without the purpose of reaching copulation, performs a sexual act on a person under 12 or on a person that has no capacity of understanding the meaning of the act or that for any reason cannot resist, or demands that the act is performed, will be punished with a term of 2 to 5 years in prison.”8

In addition to Mexico City, the age of consent is 12 in 20 Mexican states.

The age of consent is 15 in Mexico state, 13 in Yucatan and Zacatecas, and the age of consent is actually listed as “puberty” in Nayarit and 14 in the seven remaining Mexican states.

Unfortunately, the culture of having sex with young girls is brought to this country by Mexican men, along with their cheap, albeit illegal labor.

An example of this attitude can be found in Mexican national Diego Lopez-Mendez, who pleaded guilty in 2006 to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old West Virginia girl. Through an interpreter, he told the court: “In the pueblo where I grew up girls are usually married by 13 years old…I was unaware of the nature of the offense or that it was a bad crime.”

In order to bring charges of rape in most Mexican states, the law basically requires that the girl prove that she is a virgin (the law states that only those who seduce “chaste and honest” girls shall be prosecuted), and that the charge of statutory rape be dropped if the rapist wishes to marry his victim.

Unfortunately, this nation’s mainstream press has never given any serious coverage to Mexico’s shameful treatment of children. Consequently, it is rather safe to assume that we will never see a CNN, or even a Fox News anchor mention the fact that 12-year-old girls are fair game for grown men in Mexico City.

Though never revealed by the MSM, this inconvenient fact is the reason why Mexican men seemingly see the United States as little more than a hunting ground for our children. ■










About the author

Dave Gibson, a former legislative aide to a Virginia state senator, has been working as a freelance writer for many years. His work has been published in many newspapers and magazines, including The Washington Times