The Swamp Exposed

By Fred Elbel
Volume 29, Number 1 (Fall 2018)
Issue theme: "Sanctuary Nation - The Fraying of America"

Book review:

Liars, Leakers, and Liberals
The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy

By Judge Jeanine Pirro
Center Street, 2018
$27.00, 288 pages

Jeanine Pirro is a judge, elected politician, former district attorney, and Emmy-winning host of the show, Justice with Judge Jeanine. She is a respected legal analyst and political commentator. As such, she has the background to write a compelling, factual, and yet easy to read expose of the Deep State — that is, the entrenched collection of unpatriotic players in the conglomeration of U.S. government alphabet agencies who are intent on bringing down a duly elected president. President Trump has called this culture of corruption the Swamp, which is indeed a most befitting depiction.

In her compelling book, Liars, Leakers, and Liberals, Pirro reveals the not-so-hidden agenda of the national leftist media, Hollywood, RINOs, and Deep State operators. She observes that “They would rather see America fail than see Donald Trump succeed.” Nevertheless, Pirro puts President Trump’s accomplishments into context:

With a Kryptonite-proof aura of invincibility, the forty-fifth president, often working without the support of his own party, has accomplished more during his first year and a half than most presidents in two full terms…

There are times when he seems to be fighting the whole world. But he’s fighting for the people who elected him; he’s fighting for America. This is the Trump presidency you haven’t been told about. And it’s going to go on winning, the Swamp be damned.

The Trump Family

Pirro affirms that Donald Trump is a patriot who believes in putting America’s interests first, stating:

Americans bought into the promise of a man whose views were most like the moral vision of the framers of the Constitution — a man whose philosophy was based not on politics, but reason.…

By the time he’d watched Barack Obama float from nowhere to the top of the American political class, carried along by fawning news coverage from virtually every media outlet in the country, he had finally had enough.

She should know. As a personal friend of Donald Trump for over thirty years, she has nothing but good to say about the character and integrity of the man Americans elected to lead their country.

Pirro observes that Donald Trump “loves to interact with everybody: cops, construction workers, the guys selling hot dogs on the sidewalks. People love him, and he loves them right back.” And while the malicious media routinely chastise Melania Trump, Pirro counters that, by the way, world-class Melania speaks five languages. Pirro recalls visits and Thanksgiving dinner with Donald Trump and his family, all of whom are polite, educated, and immensely capable individuals. Pirro exclaims that:

… if one-tenth of the lies you’ve been told about the president, his family, and his administration were true, I wouldn’t have been friends with Donald Trump for over thirty years. I wouldn’t have put up with the boogeyman the media have created.

Radioactive Russian Collusion

Pirro exposes the feckless Obama administration that approved a sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium to Russia, our sworn enemy. She writes:

… while the Russian government was acquiring Uranium One, which it did in three separate transactions between 2009 and 2013, Uranium One’s chairman made four separate donations to the Clinton Foundation, totaling $2.35 million. Secretary Clinton did not disclose those donations to the Obama White House, breaking a previous agreement to do so, based on the obvious potential conflict of interest the foundation represented for a sitting secretary of state.…

In all, the Clinton Foundation received approximately $145 million….

Indeed, Bill Clinton subsequently received a staggering $500,000 for a twenty-minute speech in Moscow. Pirro continues:

More importantly, the FBI had firsthand evidence, including an eyewitness account and documents to back it up, that Russian nuclear officials had directed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was still Secretary of State and before her State Department approved the Uranium One deal. You read that right. It had hard evidence of real “collusion with the Russians” by Hillary Clinton. Yet Justice Department officials sat on the information and allowed the Obama administration to approve the purchase anyway. And Hillary was right in the middle of it. So, what happened to the criminal case? The criminal case was plea bargained to a lesser crime on a Labor Day weekend….

Pirro remarks that unfortunately, Iran — Russia’s puppet state — will receive enriched uranium from the deal, which will ultimately be used to make nuclear bombs.

Deep State Operatives

Pirro depicts the deep connections between the Deep State operatives we have heard about, including, but not limited to Bob Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and James Clapper. The pieces of the puzzle fit intricately together as if they were lifted from the pages of a spy novel. Pirro writes:

Comey and McCabe are Gold Members of the LLL [Liars, Leakers, and Liberals] Club. They’re LIARS and LEAKERS. They both lied and leaked in direct violation of federal laws. And McCabe has the audacity to cry about being targeted? I have a message for you, Andy: you’re not that important. No one’s looking to bring you down personally. But your wife gets almost $700,000 from the Clinton cash machine, and you handle the Clinton email investigation? A five-year-old could see the conflict of interest. We entrusted you with the power of the greatest law enforcement agency in the nation, and you not only used it to your own advantage, you used it to your political and financial advantage.

Pirro observes that the once-respected FBI has become ground zero for Deep State liars.

Treacherous Sanctuary

Pirro soundly condemns treacherous sanctuary policies for illegal aliens. In 2018, California passed legislation making it a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. Many California cities have rebelled against this diktat. Similarly, Oregon citizens have taken the initiative to place a measure on the 2018 ballot to repeal Oregon’s long-standing sanctuary law. Other sanctuary states, including Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, and Vermont, will be closely watching the Oregon election.

Pirro points out that the first order of government is the protection of its own people, not criminal illegal aliens. Yet in sanctuary cities and states, local law enforcement is releasing criminal illegal aliens back into the community after they are released from jail — as if they had any right to be in the community in the first place.

President Trump successfully ran on a platform of protecting Americans from criminal illegal aliens. On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump gave perhaps the most memorable speech announcing a presidential run, saying:

They’re sending people that have lots of problems.... They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime; they’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

The national leftist media went nuts. They couldn’t believe that Trump had the guts to say what most Americans were thinking.

Midterm Juncture

The book Liars, Leakers, and Liberals is readable and engaging, yet exposes a huge amount of meticulously substantiated information on the workings of the Deep State. Patriots will love the book and leftists will hate it — both for the same reason: it presents facts that the Deep State and its “fake news” mainstream media cohorts have systematically strived to suppress.

As corporate Internet masters ramp up censorship efforts prior to the 2018 midterm elections, the truth is begging to be told. Pirro has done just that while pulling no punches. 


About the author

Fred Elbel is an IT consultant and Director of Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIRCO). He has been active on immigration issues for several decades.