Exposing Illegal Alien Crimes - An interview with investigative journalist and author Dave Gibson

By Peter B. Gemma
Volume 29, Number 2 (Winter 2019)
Issue theme: "When Liberals Were For Sensible Policies - on the Environment, Immigration, and the National Interest"

Dave Gibson, a contributing editor to The Social Contract, has long been documenting crimes committed by illegal aliens. His investigative reports appear on the website IllegalAlienCrimeReport.com. Gibson’s new book, No Safe Places: Death at the Hands of Illegal Aliens, is published by The Social Contract Press.

Peter B. Gemma: Thanks for spending time with us. Tell me a bit about your background; I understand you worked in the Virginia state legislature. What were your experiences there like?

Dave Gibson: I used to make a living working on Republican political campaigns. Following one of them, the State Senator, Nick Rerras (R-Norfolk), asked me to come work for him as a legislative aide. I can tell you, Peter, the experience was rather eye opening. It was then that I learned how truly dirty politics can be, and how useless, corrupt, and insulated the vast majority of elected officials become once they spend a little time “under the dome.”

I think most people seek elected office for the right reasons, they want to reform the system, or right some sort of wrong. However, once they get in and see what they are up against, it’s not long until they become part of what I refer to as the “corruptocracy.”

PG: You have a website, IllegalAlienCrimeReport.com. What is the role of your efforts there in the immigration reform movement?

DG: For the last several years I have written about the crimes committed by illegal aliens against Americans. I now gather reports on a daily basis focused on this issue. Unfortunately, it seems to take the rape of a child or a brutal murder for people to take notice of what is being done to their country. The sole focus of U.S. Illegal Alien Crime Report is to bring attention to the never-ending abuse of the American people at the hands of those here illegally.

PG: Where do you get your information from?

DG: Some of it comes from sheriffs’ offices and booking officers in jails throughout the country, but most come from local news outlets, as I’ve found that the national mainstream press chooses to ignore the carnage being wrought by illegal aliens.

PG: Dave, you must get discouraged keeping tabs on illegal alien crimes.

DG: and there have been many times when I thought a crime was so heinous or had actually managed to receive national attention that somehow our elected officials would be left with no choice but to strictly enforce our immigration laws. I thought that when Rob Krentz was killed on his own ranch in Arizona; I thought that when Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered near the border; I thought that when Kate Steinle was murdered. There just seems to be no tipping point to the suffering Americans must endure at the hands of foreign criminals.

PG: What’s the premise of your new book,No Safe Places: Death at the Hands of Illegal Aliens?

DG: ’ loved ones.

PG: Share some highlights from your research for the book.

DG: Well, the first chapter details the deaths of Tessa Tranchant, 16, and Alison Kunhardt, 17. These two girls were sitting in their car at a stoplight in Virginia Beach on the night of March 30, 2007; a drunk illegal alien named Alfredo Ramos slammed into their vehicle. Both of the girls had to be cut from the car, while Ramos merely suffered a cut lip. As it turned out, Ramos had a lengthy arrest record, which included two previous DUIs. The case highlighted the fact that Virginia Beach was, in fact, a “sanctuary city,” where local law enforcement is encouraged not to cooperate with federal officials or comply with federal mandates.

The chapter contains a gut-wrenching interview with Tessa’s dad, Ray Tranchant.

As is all too often the case, Ray has confided in me many times that I was the only one willing to keep talking to him and tell Tessa’s story, once it was known that her killer was in the country illegally.

PG: On your website and in your book, you’ve chronicled crimes, mostly violent crimes,committed by illegal aliens. Is there a thread that runs through your reporting on these incidents?

DG: This work has brought home the fact that these tragedies could happen to any of us, and that illegal immigration is no longer a local problem. Illegal aliens are now in every single state, and as such, bring their culture of child-rape with them — as is the case with illegal aliens from Mexico, where the age of sexual consent is only 12 in the majority of the country.

If you go through a few pages of my website, you will be treated to hundreds of mugshots in which the perpetrator is smirking. There is no better indication for the absolute disdain illegal aliens have for our nation’s laws, as well as for our citizens.

PG: What can be done, in practical terms, by the federal government to crack down on these crimes? Mass deportation is one goal, but that’s unattainable for the foreseeable future. Is there something more or different Washington can do?

DG: Well, in the early 1950s, President Dwight D. Eisenhower instituted “Operation Wetback,” in which more than one million illegal aliens were deported. This feat was accomplished using World War II technology — clipboards, pencils, Army surplus trucks, and simple hard work. There were no hand-held computers or cell phones at that time, just a willingness to get the job done and a sound plan that made it happen.
Unfortunately, we no longer have federal officials — or at least enough of them — who care enough about the safety of the American people to make this happen today. Remember, this is the country that went to the moon, won two world wars and put Chevys, Chryslers, and Fords in on every continent. And, now we are constantly told that we simply cannot deport millions of people?

The border could be shut down and mass deportations could begin in a matter of hours. We can build a wall for Israel to keep out terrorists, and even one in Egypt for the same reason, but we can’t build one for ourselves? It’s obvious that neither the Democrat or Republican parties care enough about the American people to defend them.

PG: At the state and local level, what can be done, again in practical terms,that can alleviate the impact of crimes committed by illegal aliens?

DG: Cities and counties could start reporting all suspected illegal aliens to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and cooperating by honoring issued ICE capture and hold requests. But, as we have seen in cities all over this country, which offer safe haven to foreign criminals, that is easier said than done.

Local police chiefs, sheriffs, and mayors should be held criminally liable for releasing illegal aliens back into their communities, only to further terrorize the citizens. The sight of U.S. Marshals frog-marching off to the federal courthouse the mayors of say, Philadelphia, New York, and San Francisco, would undoubtedly send shock waves through the hearts of other leaders of sanctuary cities.

PG: Is there some good news in all of this bad news about illegal alien crime?Do you see any positive signs for the future?

DG: The good news is for the first time ever illegal immigration is the number one issue on the minds of the American people. The other good news is that as a direct result of voter awareness, we now have a president who cares about this issue. I believe that President Trump is doing his best on this front, though he is surrounded, of course, by the leftist news media and the Democrat and Republican parties, along with a largely subversive federal judiciary — all of whom want to keep the border open and the fiesta going.

It is encouraging to now see our military on the border, and it is encouraging to see a president place our nation’s interests above those of all others. Those of us who care about the safety of the American people, must continue to support his efforts.

Perhaps, on a lighter note, it is also encouraging that we no longer have a president who was actually bringing illegal aliens into this country on chartered flights! ¦




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Peter B. Gemma, a contributing editor to The Social Contract, has been published in a variety of venues, including USA Today (where more than 100 of his commentaries have appeared), Military History, the DailyCaller.com, and the Washington Examiner