John C. ‘Jack’ Oliver, an American Patriot, RIP

By The Editors
Volume 29, Number 2 (Winter 2019)
Issue theme: "When Liberals Were For Sensible Policies - on the Environment, Immigration, and the National Interest"

John C. ‘Jack’ Oliver passed away unexpectedly November 10, 2018. Friends, fans, and family in Florida and throughout the nation are mourning the sudden and great loss of a wonderful man, an incredible friend, and the truest of American Patriots.

When Jack spoke of his family, he spoke of them always with the deepest love, greatest affection, and tremendous pride. When Jack professed himself your friend, he did so with sincerity, and it was a source of pride that he had retained lifelong friendships.

When the effects of illegal immigration ravaged his state, Jack worked tirelessly for years, regardless of personal and financial hardship, to enact E-Verify for the state of Florida. He ran Floridians for E-Verify Now. He was Legislative Director for Floridians for Immigration Enforcement. He also was President of Floridians for Sustainable Population.

Jack will forever be missed by his family, friends, and fellow citizens, who recognized him as a wonderful family man, a great friend, and a true warrior in defense of the country he loved so much, the United States of America.

With your help we will complete Jack’s dream of E-Verify in the next Florida Legislative Session. In lieu of flowers, Jack Oliver Memorial Donations can be made at  ■