Border Defenders' Action Plan

By Michelle Malkin
Volume 30, Number 1 (Fall 2019)
Issue theme: "John Tanton: His Life and Legacy (1934-2019)"

When you follow the money, you find the truth. The truth is we face overwhelming odds in the fight to reclaim our borders and our country. But we cannot despair. We must act by first using the power of our own purses to ensure that we are not subsidizing our own worst enemies. Defending the sovereignty of our collective home begins in our individual homes. For starters:

Not one more cent for churches, nonprofits, and international nongovernmental organizations that conspire to aid and abet illegal immigration and indiscriminate refugee resettlement in our backyards.

Because of everything I have uncovered about the Vatican, its border-bashing bishops, and sprawling open-borders network, I can no longer trust that donations I make to the Catholic Church will be used in a lawful manner that protects our freedom and posterity. I refuse to put my hard-earned money in collection baskets whose contents will end up in the hands of Trump-deranged cultural Marxists in white collars. Use the information in this book to help you do your own due diligence with the religious institutions and charities that you have supported in the past. If you want to save your children, boycott Save the Children. Cut off Catholic Charities. Give instead to patriotic nonprofit legal foundations, activists, and independent journalists who uphold our Constitution, laws, and borders … Exercise your checkbook as a check and balance against corrupted church and “humanitarian” leaders. ■

[Excerpt from Open Borders, Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?, Regnery, 2019, pp. 295-296.]