Jobs Americans Won't Do? Americans Are Doing All of Them

By Ed Rubenstein
Volume 15, Number 3 (Spring 2005)
Issue theme: "Facing our geo-destiny: honoring the work of geologist Walter Youngquist"

Recent data (2003) on U.S.-born and foreign-born employment for 22 broad occupations show that the maximum foreign-born penetration ranges from a high of 38.8 percent of workers in labor-intensive "farming, fishing, and forestry," to a low of just 5.2 percent in "legal occupations." "Building and grounds cleaning," which includes many menial jobs, is second, with 32.3 percent of its workers born abroad. Foreign-born workers accounted for 14.2 percent of all employment in 2003. The attached chart ranks all 22 occupations on foreign worker share.

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About the author

Edwin S. Rubenstein is president of ESR Research, Inc., a research organization focusing on public policy and economic trends. He was formerly Director of Research at the Hudson Institute.