The Social Contract - Summer 2016

Volume 26, Number 4
...“Islam in America”

A Note from the Editor - Islam and 'Preventable Evils'

By Wayne Lutton, Ph.D. (Summer 2016)

Is America Being Set Up For an Arab Spring?

By William J. Federer (Summer 2016)

Muslim Sins Exceed Western Sins

By John Vinson (Summer 2016)

Islam in America: A Firsthand Perspective

By Mary Rebel Yell (Summer 2016)

A Real Islam Policy for a Real America

By Lawrence Auster (Summer 2016)

Polls of Muslim-Americans

By The Editors (Summer 2016)

Some Quotes Concerning Islam

By The Editors (Summer 2016)

Remembering Bill Buchanan

By Michael McLaughlin (Summer 2016)

...and Conquest of Europe

By Guillaume Faye (Summer 2016)